Interview with Ralph Macchio


At Chicago Comic Con, I had a chance to interview one of my childhood heroes, Ralph Macchio- aka: The Karate Kid! Coming out in 1984, arguably the most prolific year in movies from the 80’s (seriously, google it), The Karate Kid was up against some stiff box office competition. However, this small and touching ‘coming of age’ story has been one of the most beloved and cherished films of all time. Ralph was just as sweet and generous as you would imagine him to be. We talked about how he got the role of Daniel Larusso, working with the late Pat Morita and how exactly he caught a fly with chopsticks with no cgi! It was an honor to spend some time with him and it’s a conversation I will never forget it.

Thanks for listening and leave your comments below if you loved Karate Kid. You can download it here or better yet, subscribe to me on iTunes! Check out Wizard World for their future con schedule.

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