Suicide Squad: Did It Suck??


One of the highest anticipated films of the summer has arrived- but did it exceed expectations or implode the future of DC films? Critics and fans have had such polarizing opinions about the launch of the DC Extended Universe, which has us asking if WB/DC is headed in the right direction. In this podcast, I air the panel, Suicide Squad; Did It Suck? from Chicago Comic Con. We analyze Suicide Squad, DCEU and compare it to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Panelists: Molly Jane Kremer, Aaron AmendolaTerry Gant and hosted by me! I also include a short excerpt from the Jedi News Network, Galactic Fashion episode where they review Hero Within!

Thanks for listening and leave your tips or comments below. You can download it here or better yet, subscribe to me on iTunes! Can’t wait to see you at the show!

4 thoughts on “Suicide Squad: Did It Suck??

  1. We (the Screen Zealots) were both torn on “Suicide Squad.” To be fair, both of us love the director, loved the cast (thought the casting decisions were spot on), and generally had really high hopes for the movie. It started off SO STRONG but in the end it totally disappointed. And not enough Jared Leto!

    • Yea I generally felt the same way. Strong first act but totally falls apart by the third. Joker should have been the main villain right?! Thanks for commenting!

      • Man, I did NOT get enough of the Joker. In fact, none of the Squad got to really be the terrific villains they are. Thanks for commenting, Tony! Love your blog, and especially love it when you do movie reviews! –Louisa

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