My Schedule for San Diego Comic-Con


The day has finally arrived! San Diego Comic-Con 2016 has begun! As I shared before in posts and podcasts, my favorite part of this experience is meeting you all! Whether it’s hearing your story, showing you my Hero Within apparel or just nerding out, I hope we get a chance to chat. Here are the panels and events I will either be at or will be participating in:


  • Game of Bloggers Season 2: The return of the world’s most dangerous bloggers! About 100 of your favorite websites are attending this year along with food, a live DJ, swag and more. Again, we will be at the Dragon’s Den from 9p to midnight. Check the Game of Bloggers page for more details.


  • The Most Dangerous Women at Comic-Con [5:30p Room 24 ABC]
    You might be seeing more popular media starring women, but are there more that are actually about women? With so many stories failing the Bechdel Test (a test that measures whether a story has two women in it who talk about something other than a man), it leaves many wondering if pop culture is making any progress at all. Here to discuss the Bechdel test as well as diversity in media (and the lack thereof), are Janina Scarlet (Superhero Therapy, Star Wars Psychology), Jennifer Stuller (Ink-Stained Amazons, GeekGirlCon), Patricia Tallman (Babylon 5, Quest Retreats), Jessica Tseang (Little Geek Girls, Girl on Geek), Tony B. Kim (Hero Within, Crazy4ComicCon), Ashley Bles (Henderson State University), and moderator Jenna Busch (Legion of Leia, Most Craved).
  • Her Universe Fashion Show [6:00p Manchester Grand Hyatt]
    I’ll be a little late to this one because of my panel but I am so excited for it. Returning for it’s third year, this has been one of my favorite events of the whole week. The fashion, fun and stories are all so inspiring.
  • Nerd HQ [10p The Children’s Museum]


  • How To Build A Geek Brand [12p Pacific Ballroom, Marriott]
    Do you dream of converting your nerd passion into a full-time career but feel overwhelmed with the next steps? Whether writing your first book, becoming a YouTube personality or creating an innovative product, the road to success can be filled with many obstacles and pitfalls. Join geek pros as they help you get started, discover some shortcuts, and inspire you to make an impact in pop culture. Panelists include Tony B. Kim (founder of Hero Within and, Jamie Broadnax ( and Chris Gore (PodCRASH, Film Threat).
  • Pure Fandom App Launch Party [Fri 6p Coin-Op Barcade]
  • SherlockDCC [7:30p San Diego Central Library]


  • The Business of Geek Fashion [10a Pacific 24, Marriott]
    Do you ever wonder how the latest Star Wars fashion collection was made or why companies are hosting fashion shows featuring your favorite fandoms? This panel will offer an inside look at the business of geek fashion, examining the major changes that took place in the industry over the last year and what they means for the future. Moderated by Lisa Granshaw, panelistsEd Labay (Hot Topic), Ashley Eckstein (Her Universe), Jon Schindehette (ThinkGeek Denver), and Sara Scargall (WeLoveFine), and Tony Kim (Hero Within) will discuss the process behind creating pop culture apparel and accessories, how geek fashion is expanding into new areas, how the industry has evolved over the years, and recent geek fashion trends. There will be time left for attendees to voice their opinions and ask their questions about geek fashion.


  • The showroom floor, Geek & Sundry, Syfy, Comic-Con HQ and anything else I missed!

Looking forward to my stay at the Marriott Marquis & Marina. I will also have several scheduled appointments to show my Hero Within Collection– if you are interested in seeing it, let me know! Thanks again for such a wonderful year of interaction online and at different cons. I’m looking forward to meeting you so don’t be a stranger! Have a great show!

One thought on “My Schedule for San Diego Comic-Con

  1. A small correction to your post, “Geek Brand” But I know your fashion brand Hero Within is grand! I look forward to meeting you again and having some time to talk. Are you really a big Sherlock Holmes (BBC) fan…I see you are attending SherlockDCC [7:30p San Diego Central Library]. If so, I have a few cool Sherlock keepsake items just for you. Will try to attend Her Universe Fashion Show and The Business of Geek Fashion. Your professional advice would be an invaluable contribution to the animation series I have in development – one of the lead characters is a young cosplay girl (11-13 years old). Nerd On!

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