My Final and Most Important Tip Post Before Comic-Con


I have traditionally reserved my final tip post for the ‘big one’ that I feel is most important to consider. In the past, I have done my “Top 10 Ways to Have the Best Experience” or something similar- which always gets a lot of clicks. While these posts are important to me, I want to end my year long run of tips with something that is very close to my heart. As we all know, fans come from all over the world to take part in Nerd Mecca for 4 days- and they come for various reasons. However, Comic-Con is something so much more than a collection of Exclusives, events, celebrity sightings or pop culture news. It’s something the world needs to see.

The news has been a real bummer lately. The past few months months alone has been riddled with terrorist attacks, acts of racism, police shootings and political tension. I am tired of it. We’ve come so far in just my lifetime to becoming more tolerant and understanding of other lifestyles, cultures and beliefs. However, when you turn on the television lately, it feels like we have time-warped into the dark ages. So why am I talking about this in this final Tip Post?

Heroes of Cosplay - Season 1We need hope in our world- more than ever. With all the media attention that Comic-Con attracts, this is the prime opportunity for the world to see that the weird, different and strange can all come together in peace and harmony. What I love most about Comic-Con is not the movies, toys or swag, but it’s our incredible diverse group of fans that represent ALL walks of life. Yes, we all have divergent world views but our nerd fandom bridges the culture gap that has divided us for too long.

sdcc-2012-trip-19So my tip of this week is for all of us to be the very best versions of ourselves possible. Why? Because the world is watching. In a season of heaviness and darkness, the world wide audience needs to see this celebration of humanity. Sure some see Comic-Con as a fluff event about girls in spandex- but you and I know differently. In general we have an amazing  community but it’s more important than ever that we prove that. How you ask? By being generous. Consider the needs of others first. Look out for your fellow nerd. Engage with others that are different from yourself. Ask someone’s story. Let someone go first. Give up your seat. Spread the love.

It will also mean stifling cynicism and criticalness. Things will go wrong at the show (they always do), we can’t control that. We can control how we respond. Let’s not complain, yell, and fight (or pen stab) when things don’t go our way. Better yet, hold each other to high standards in this area. Let’s also make it safe and sane for everyone (that goes without saying). Whether it’s ‘cosplay is not consent’, body shaming or ‘______’ bending, let us embrace instead of judge.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 8.40.38 PMI am looking forward to the show. however I am more looking forward to the culture significance of Comic-Con in relation to our world’s circumstances. Perhaps Comic-Con can bring some healing to those that hurt? We all play a small part in it, while others have a larger role because of blogs and social media. With great power comes… well you know the rest. I end this final tip posts with a great quote:

“I think, if the world were a bit more like Comic-Con, it would be a better place”
-Matt Smith

Well, he is a Doctor after all. See you in a couple of days.

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