The Comic-Con Warner Bros Swag Bags!

It’s a time honored tradition- the San Diego Comic-Con Warner Bros Swag Bags! This time with ‘Augmented Reality’! There are 18 different bags available free (one per attendee) to all con-goers. The bags feature three panels of artwork, and a Velcro fastened cover flap showcasing even more show-specific imagery. The bags are in the popular ‘backpack’ style with a large flap that when flipped, reveals another image! Very cool! Included in this year’s line up: The 100, Arrow, The Big Bang Theory, Blindspot, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, Gotham, iZOMBIE, Lucifer, The Originals/The Vampire Diaries (combo bag), Supergirl, Supernatural, Teen Titans Go!, Vixen, DC Super Hero Girls and Justice League Action. Start setting your eyes on the one that you want and may the trading begin! Leave a comment with which one is your favorite!
DCS-LEGENDS-OF-TOMORROW-2016-Comic-Con-Bag-9332f100-THE-2016-Comic-Con-Bag-590a6SUPERGIRL-2016-Comic-Con-Bag-e9b9d JUSTICE-LEAGUE-ACTION-2016-Comic-Con-Bag-dfd3a BIG-BANG-THEORY-THE-2016-Comic-Con-Bag-457d2 TEEN-TITANS-GO-2016-Comic-Con-Bag-6cad9 FLASH-THE-2016-Comic-Con-Bag-7ea40 ARROW-2016-Comic-Con-Bag-8860c  VIXEN-2016-Comic-Con-Bag-9ee00 BLINDSPOT-2016-Comic-Con-Bag-ff057 iZOMBIE-2016-Comic-Con-Bag-9caf8 LUCIFER-2016-Comic-Con-Bag-63d2f VAMPIRE-DIARIES-THE-ORIGINALS-2016-Comic-Con-Bag-1d701 GOTHAM-2016-Comic-Con-Bag-9a0d0 DC-SUPER-HERO-GIRLS-2016-Comic-Con-Bag-dd34a SUPERNATURAL-2016-Comic-Con-Bag-379f2


4 thoughts on “The Comic-Con Warner Bros Swag Bags!

    • I know- everyone always gets the one they don’t want. Comic-Con must have some sort of algorithm that figures that out to make you trade up 😉

  1. I am a completist, so I will need the Vampire Diaries bag. But I LOVE the Gotham, SuperGirl, Flash and Lucifer bags.

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