The Most Important Mission At Comic-Con


While all the current Comic-Con tips and videos I provide are important to me (and hopefully you), this is a repost from one of my most popular articles I did last year. I got a ton of incredible response from this topic so I wanted to do an updated post to continue the conversation with you. Now that we are less than 3 weeks away from Comic-Con, it’s time to ask yourself; What is your Comic-Con for? I’m not talking about what panel you want to see or celeb you hope to meet or exclusive you are trying to buy- I’m referring to something much more significant than all that. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the pop culture insanity of Comic-Con, but there is a bigger mission at stake here and before the craziness begins, I want you to pose a challenge to you.

7a801600baddd2314762deacdd58c09fAs a 10+ year vet to Comic-Con, I spent the first few years as a spectator, consumer, and someone that expected to be entertained. I gauged the success of a show but how ‘wowed’ I was and what cool swag I could get. While there was nothing wrong with spending my time that way, I started to feel there was something more to do. After experiencing a significant personal failure, I decided to take a new direction and dive into blogging/content creation. 6 years ago, I embraced the idea of redeeming every moment at Comic-Con. My focus shifted from what I got out of Comic-Con to how could I contribute to it. Since that time, I have succeeded at a few things, failed at a LOT more things, and discovered a life that was unimaginable- largely because I connected my passion with opportunities at Comic-Con. Simply put, I had a mission.

star-wars-the-force-awakens-daisy-ridley-bb-8Some of you reading this are already doing what you love and love what you do- regardless of who is paying your paycheck. But others of you struggle every day and imagine a life different than the one that you have. Even the blog you have seems to be going no where. You wonder why that girl online has a charmed nerdy life while you are stuck cranking out more widgets day after day. Comic-Con will be the best vacation you have all year, but it also bring the biggest opportunity to change everything.

Your mission doesn’t have to be big or spectacular- but it does need to have two parts: First, it has to be something that you are passionate about. Mountains are moved, leaders are forged, and miracles occur because of passion. Nothing that matters in life can be accomplished without it. Second, it needs to involve risk. It has to scare you, keep you up at night, and raise your blood pressure. Law of nature; Doing scary things changes you- doing easy things, does not. I want you to watch this short animated video of one of my favorite innovators, Seth Godin. Whether you blog, write, create, cosplay or do social media, I think you have to ask yourself ONE QUESTION going into Comic-Con:

rey-x-wing-helmetIf your blog/YouTube/social media disappeared, who would you miss you? Comic-Con is the best chance to make significant connections and strengthen your tribe. Who do you need to meet? What do you need to create? How are you going to connect people that share the same ideas? The most critical part in having a mission is just taking the first step. By just doing SOMETHING, you already ahead of most others out there. Starting a blog. YouTube your journey. Create a comic. Write a story. Do something and see how it changes your experience at Comic-Con. Most likely what you start with will change or morph but it will be enough to get you moving. Blowing up the Death Star is a one in a million shot but someone has to do it right? It might as well be you.

star-wars-imax-thumb-rey-bb-8Decide what your mission is today and blog and share it online with others that are attending Comic-Con. Be specific, list goals, be accountable, and build fans around it. If you have a mission, share it below (scary!). Last year I met so many of you that excitingly shared with me “I have a mission!”- which meant the world to me. This idea is important to me more than ever. I plan to reveal my mission for this year and I am leaning on you to help me accomplish it. Stay tuned.

9 thoughts on “The Most Important Mission At Comic-Con

  1. Tony!! so happy to see this post!! I was just working on my SDCC mission post the other day and thought of you the whole time! I have mine ready to go and was so excited to see this to update your links! mine is somewhat similar to last year but you def helped and love what you continue to do! motivation for me and will share mine w/ you when its published.

    • That’s so awesome! It’s been so great to see you grow this past year and really put yourself out there! Keep up the great work and see you at Comic-Con!

  2. Great article Tony! With the launch of my teams entertainment news website and SDCC only weeks away, my mission now is to list how to tackle the con as a pop culture fan AND do Press articles for the site. It’s a bit overwhelming. Oy! But I shall persevere. Thank you for the encouraging words!

  3. I have always found it difficult to start something new. My passion has always been Film/TV/Gaming. It’s something that I can’t explain to someone if they don’t feel the same. Film/TVGaming is something that just simply allows me to fit in. Everyone I have come in contact with who enjoys the same things I do gives me such joy and excitement. You have done that today. You have made me want to follow my dreams and start something new. I am going to follow what I am most passionate about in this world and see where it takes me. Hopefully my blog will be successful. Thank you Tony! Can’t wait to see where your journey is taking you next. Hope to see you at Comic Con!

    • Yay Danielle! Thanks for sharing this and for taking the next few steps. Sometimes you just have to put it out there in the universe just to see what will happen. I’m so excited for you and can’t wait an update from you. See ya there!

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