San Diego Comic-Con 2016 T-Shirts!


The most coveted patch of cotton in existence at Comic-Con has arrived! This year’s collection includes 2 Wonder Woman designs, SDCC Collegiate, CCI Classy and the Sir Toucan design!

cci2016_t-shirt_sdcc_graphic cci2016_t-shirt_toucan_graphic cci2016_t-shirt_ww2_graphic cci2016_t-shirt_classy_graphic

  • ADULT S-XL: $22.63
  • ADULT XXL: $25.87
  • ADULT XXXL: $29.11
  • WOMEN’S S-XL: $22.63
  • WOMEN’S XXL: $25.87
  • WOMEN’S XXXL: $29.11
  • YOUTH S-L: $19.39

For the first time, a new book bag has been added! Could this be the beginning of a new line of mercy? The bag measures 13” wide x 14” high with a 3” gusseted bottom. Cost: $22.63


Check out the Comic-Con site for more info on how to pre-order and where to pick up (location has moved).

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