DC Universe Exhibit at Warner Bos Studios


Yesterday I had a chance to do a press preview of the DC Universe Exhibit at Warner Bros Studios (Opens May 24). It was collection of movie props, costumes and installations from Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. If you’ve been to San Diego Comic-Con, it’s similar to what you would see at the WB booth- just a little larger. Gene Simmons, a big comic book fan, kicked off the event declaring “the geeks have finally won!…”. Here are some pics below:

img_2230 img_2229  img_2215 img_2238  img_2237 img_2248img_2246 img_2241 img_2243 img_2196 img_2209 img_2239 img_2247 IMG_2232

Overall it was interesting to examine the costumes and props up close- especially the Suicide Squad displays since that movie isn’t out yet. The exhibit wasn’t big enough in my opinion but I do love these creative type of experiences and hope to see more as the DC universe expands. They just needed to add some cosplayers!

Buy tickets and check out more details at the Warner Bros site.

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