Twentieth Century Fox Skips Comic-Con?!


The Wrap has reported that Twentieth Century Fox will be missing this year’s beloved pop culture event in San Diego. Traditionally having a strong line up of trailers and talent, Twentieth Century has shared the mega-spotlight with Marvel and Warner Bros in the legendary Hall H. It would seem that at least part of the decision is related to the new streaming service offered by Comic-Con HQ as well as the ‘leaked footage’ issue often associated with Hall H. I understand the studios hesitancy- however, even with the leaked Deadpool trailer, I think that did ‘okay’ in the box-office ($760m worldwide)! Sadly, Fox would have most likely shown us glimpse of the new Assassins Creed, Wolverine 3, Maze Runner and more in production. Another sign of the times as technology, evolving media consumption and new entertainment platforms collides with live events like Comic-Con. Disney started the divergent path a couple of years ago, opting to lean on their own D23 Expo to showcase the Marvel brand. Now we speculate on how this will affect the show and who might step up in their absence. Your thoughts?

Check out the full story at The Wrap.

2 thoughts on “Twentieth Century Fox Skips Comic-Con?!

  1. It really sucks that they are not coming. I work in the VFX industry and I understand where the studio is coming from. They want to protect there product. After the fiasco with the Wolverine: Origins movie that fully leaked online, the movie might have done “okay” at the box office. Granted it is a terrible movie, and they completely ruined a huge fan favorite of mine, and many others *cough Deadpool cough *. But that character was given a proper movie because of the fans demand for it. And also, because of a “leak” of that test footage. Now that movie is the most successful films Fox has had to date, of all there comic book movies. I don’t agree with Fox pulling out of hall h. They can still come and promote the movie. They need to take a page from JJ Abrams and Star Wars. Last year, they really didn’t show anything, and we were still happy that they came. But granted we need to remember, this is why you don’t record any of the footage, you ruin it for the rest of us.

    • Yup I agree. JJ and Star Wars had nothing to show nor nothing to prove. All they did was build good will towards the fan and set the tone for the future of the franchise. Agreed that perhaps SDCC isn’t only the place to just exclusive show footage but it is the prime opportunity to build the fan base and brand loyalty. It does seem short sited on their part IMHO. Thanks for commenting.

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