Jewel Staite Interview at Madison Comic Con


I had a chance to interview our favorite space mechanic, Jewel Staite, at Madison Comic Con. Besides being talented, she is a sweet, humble and down to Earth mom and wife- which is why she is so adorned by fandom. In this 40 min panel we discuss motherhood, her role as Kaylee Frye and her insatiable love for cheese. Plus, she leaks out an upcoming appearance on the perfect show!

You can download it here or better yet, subscribe to iTunes!

3 thoughts on “Jewel Staite Interview at Madison Comic Con

  1. I sat in on part of the Jewel Staite panel and on David Tennant’s panel in Madison. I just wanted to comment and say I thought you were a great moderator and very engaging with both the guests I saw. Great job!

    • Oh wow, that is so generous of you to say that. Thanks so much for taking the time to attend the panel and leave such an encouraging comment. Hope to meet you at the next con!

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