GEEK WARS Panel Podcast from WonderCon


It was an awesome WonderCon in LA this past weekend! To an almost sold-out crowd, the LA Convention Center was jam-packed with cosplayers and attendees in every nook and cranny. For those of us spoiled by the ease and connivence of the Anaheim con center, it was a tough adjustment trekking up to LA but we made the best of it (“First Nerd Problems”). We had a great time at my Geek Wars panel and had a chance to nerd out over Episode VII and get into an interesting social discussion. To a capacity crowd, our panel touched on what is a ‘Mary-Sue’, racial diversity in pop culture, body image and more. Panelists included: Chris Gore (comedian, personality), Amy Ratcliffe (writer), Ivy Doom Kitty (professional cosplayer), Emily Ong (cosplayer), Tamara Brooks (writer) and Jennifer Landa (YouTube personality). Check out the podcast and comment your thoughts on any of these topics.

You can download it here or better yet, subscribe to iTunes!

6 thoughts on “GEEK WARS Panel Podcast from WonderCon

  1. Saw you walking the floor I think it was Saturday (with possibly your daughter or friend). Wondercon in LA wasn’t too bad, but it seemed to be more walking overall than Anahiem. I enjoyed the convention as always. Very good crowds each time we have gone.

    • You should have stopped to say hello! Glad you enjoyed the con. Yes, def more walking than Anahiem. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I’m not sure if anyone else noticed , but there seemed to be a lack of Comic Con staff when I walked the floor. I think most where at the Tap In / Tap Out areas and probably the panel rooms.

    • I know they had to redirect a lot of staff to the check in stations and registration on Friday and early part of Saturday. Maybe that was it. Plus program rooms were stretched across LA Live. Hope you enjoyed it though- what was your thoughts in comparison to Anaheim?

      • I did enjoy it, but it was spread out a lot more than Anaheim. What was lacking was conference rooms sizes in between 1000 (408AB and 403AB) and 7100 (Microsoft Theater ). One a side note, when I went looking for the Con Suite at JW Marriott , I noticed a really large conference room area across the skybridge. Too bad they could not have used that area for Ballroom 20 size rooms

  3. Was it me, or did the vendor area seem significantly smaller than previous WonderCons held in Anaheim? I definitely prefer Anaheim, but I thought the seating was excellent in the Microsoft Theater, the tap-in-tap-out worked flawlessly, as did my prepaid Parking Panda (although I hate paying $25 per day anywhere). The staff was very helpful and ready with answers.

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