Casting Call For A New Comic-Con Web Series


Call all Comic-Con nerds! Are you headed to San Diego Comic-Con and have a great story? I would love for you to be a part of a new web series chronically the hopes, dreams, challenges and victories of venturing to Comic-Con. Partnering with a media production company, this professionally made web series will be fun, though-provoking, inspiring and creative. I believe you have a unique story so use it to inspire and encourage our con community!

Examples what I am looking for:

  • First time cosplayer with a new or risky idea
  • Veteran cosplayer with big ambitions or a mind blowing project
  • Creator developing and pitching an innovative product
  • Development of an interesting or unique social event
  • An artist, writer or content creator trying to break into the industry
  • Anyone that has a compelling dream and SDCC plays a big part in it!


  • You must be located in or around LA
  • You will be featured in at least a couple of short episodes so you must have some flexibility to shoot a couple of times during the day or night prior to SDCC
  • You are planning on being at SDCC for most days and willing to do a little video at the show
  • You have to love Comic-Con and the fandom
  • Gregarious, outgoing, fun, thoughtful and a little crazy!

I wish I could capture everyone’s stories but we will probably finalize on a handful that best represent our diverse, unique and beautiful con community. This will be a volunteer only production but the finalist will have their stories captured for future generations to experience!

If you are interested:

  • I am beginning the audition process at WonderCon (Fri/Sat). Contact me so I can do a live 15-20 interview to hear your story, heart and why you think you are perfect for this project
  • Start by emailing me at Crazy4ComicCon [at] hotmail [dot] com. Include a brief synopsis, a photo and use “Web Series” in subject line.
  • DM me at @Crazy4ComicCon if you have quick questions

I will update this post if all of our stories get cast. I hope you take a chance with me and share your story. If you are doing something scary or risky, I want to hear about it! We are all so different and unique- your story can serve to be a light and inspiration to many. Like any production, these details could change and evolve but this is the starting point. Hope we can work together!

Live Long and Stay Crazy,

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