GEEK WARS: Star Wars Edition at WonderCon

WonderCon Geek Wars

Geek Speak Show Interview about GEEK WARS:

What better way to celebrate Jesus Re-animation Day than by nerds coming together for WonderCon! LA will be ground zero this weekend for 3-days of collectibles, cosplay, panels and more! While I’ve attended a few conventions in my youth, it’s really been the past decade that I’ve been a hardcore fan focusing on con culture. While I love all aspects of a comic con, for me, panels are where it’s at. With a variety of content, perspectives, and stories, panels provide great insight in multiple industries and can challenge you personally as well as professionally. I really want to encourage you to check out my panel called GEEK WARS: Star Wars Edition on Saturday at 1p [room 502b]. Description below:

Fans love to geek out, but they also like engaging in important culture topics. In this Star Warsedition of Geek Wars, professional nerds battle it out over Star Wars trivia while also discussing relevant social topics like stereotyping, feminism, body shaming, and much more. Plus, the panel will speculate about Episode VIII! This will be a lively and enlightening conversation that might challenge your view on the pop culture world. 

Lightsaber BattleI love the conversations that occur at a cons. Our perspective about relevant social issues are as diverse as our fandom. My desire is to create a safe environment where we can discuss topics that provoke us as a geek community. As nerds, we may disagree on a variety of topics but I believe our open-mindedness distinguishes our community. I’ve done GEEK WARS in over a dozen cities all across the nation where we discussed racial stereotyping, objectification, feminism, bullying, and more. Besides being hilarious, it’s also enlightening- as a bonus, it will be Star Wars themed! I am honored to host a stellar team of panelists; Chris Gore (comedian, personality), Amy Ratcliffe (writer), Ivy Doom Kitty (professional cosplayer), Emily Ong (cosplayer), Tamara Brooks (writer) and Jennifer Landa (YouTube personality).

Check out the full schedule on the Comic-Con website. Leave a comment below about what social topics we face as a geek community- I would love to include your question in the panel! Thanks and see you this weekend!

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