The Oscars: How Is This Still A Thing?…

For most of my adult life, one of my favorite traditions of the year has been watching the Academy Awards. However, unless you’ve lived under a white rock, you can’t escape the controversy of yet another year with no minorities nominated in the major categories. With #OscarSoWhite leading the charge, many have expressed their disappointment in Hollywood even though the show has promised a diverse experience. Hopefully, many of you know that I am passionate about the topic of racial diversity- especially as it relates to pop culture. At times it feels like so much progress has been made, then other times it feels like we are back in the dark ages. The last thing I want to do is spew hatred and cynicism towards any one entity but it does take our collective (and sometimes angry) voices to create change. Hope and discontent are our most powerful allies to disrupt the status quo- a status quo that has been in place for over eight decades. Seeking understanding is the key. This video, from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, does a great job describing the plight that minorities face in Hollywood. Warning, it’s pretty sad and ludicrous when you really examine all the egregious missteps that got us here. I know it can make me turn over a table if I let it- especially when their are movies out there like Creed or Straight Outta Compton. While one hashtag won’t fix the Oscars overnight, I hope it’s the last time it will need to be used. Tonight, I’ll still watch the Oscars but I won’t take part in the traditional celebratory tweets for its winners. Because, regardless of who wins, we all still lose a little bit until there is a change. What do you think? Share your thoughts on why diversity is important to you and your thoughts on #OscarSoWhite.

2 thoughts on “The Oscars: How Is This Still A Thing?…

  1. While I’m not under a rock, the issue does end up unnoticed by me often because I don’t keep too close of an eye on it. This past year, there have been a lot more people bringing up the issue, and sharing very similar stories about limited opportunity for minorities. Progress is slow, and it has been great to see more minorities on screen and on the page. With that understanding, I don’t expect to see change overnight, nor do I expect people to be sated by the presence of diversity in shows like “Master of None”, “Fresh Off the Boat”, or “Blackish”. Multicultural media will be the norm at some point, and personally, I have to fight the feeling of being turned off by what sounds like a din of discontent, and understand that this is a crescendo of concern. I need to fight my own apathy, to continue to support something I know is right. Thanks for continuing to write on the topics, it keeps me on the right side of the fight.

    • Thanks for your thoughts. Yea, it’s a tricky one and everyone’s experience is all across the spectrum. The important part is to take time to hear people’s stories. A lot of progress has been made but we still have a long way to go. Thanks so much for taking time to comment!

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