Comic-Con Open Registration Tips by Deadpool


Hey nerds, I’m a movie star now! Judging by the almost $300 million dollar global box office, I take it you liked my little movie. And for the haters out there that doubted my universal appeal… **insert fart noise and fist pump**… muhahah! For my success, first I’d like to thank my mom for boinking my loser dad. Second, I have to thank you all. Comic-Con is where my first footage was released and your support helped make me every parents nightmare. So from the bottom of my soulless heart, thank you. To show my appreciation, I’d like to share some of my infinite wisdom for this Saturday’s Open Registration. In a few days, dreams will be fulfilled or spirits will be crushed. One random click of the mouse will mean the difference between you experiencing 4 days in Comic-Con ‘nerdvana’ or staying at home in July watching re-runs of CHUCK on Netflix. But like me, you guys are gluttons for punishment. Don’t worry, here are my 5 easy steps to ensure your chances to attending the San Diego Comic-Con 2016… btw, you’re a little crazy to follow my advice 😉

Deadpool-Official-Image-Drawing1. The Basics
A reminder of how much this party costs: Adult badges cost $55 per day over the four day event (Sun $40). Preview Night is $40. You can get discounts for juniors (age 13-17), seniors (over 65) and members of the military. There won’t be a ‘4-Day’ option and each day must be purchased- and you can’t buy the same two days. Also, in order to get a Preview Night pass, you must buy all 4 single days (or bought them in the last sale). In general, just buy everything you can first and figure it out later. Lastly, only one credit card can be used during purchase.

2. Am I Eligible?
Deadpool LaptopWhy ladies, I am eligible- you can find me on Tinder. However for badges, Open Registration doesn’t mean it’s open for everyone. If you did not register a Comic-Con Member ID before Feb 11, then it’s too late to be eligible for this badge sale. Just check your Member ID account to find out if you are eligible (You should have received an e-mail announcing the badge sale last week). In the next day or two, CCI will send a second e-mail providing the link to the EPIC registration site. If you did not receive either of these e-mails then there is a problem- and you should start breaking expensive things.

13317774133996832423. How Does This Go Down?
You’ll never forget your first time- don’t worry, Comic-Con is a gentle and respectful lover. The registration site will open at 8am pst and will allow entry up to 8:59am. You can come in at anytime during that hour and it won’t affect your place in the line. Coming in after 9:00, means you are out of luck. Once it turns 9a, the waiting room will open and the super Comic-Con mega-computer will randomly order everyone into a cue. This is basically a lottery since there will be billions trying to get about 50k badges. You will probably wait anywhere from 30 mins to an hour in the waiting room. Last year, the sale was complete in a little over an hour. If you are granted favor by the con gods, you will have about 15 mins to purchase your badges. Make sure to have:

  • All Member IDs
  • Last names
  • Registration link (from e-mail)
  • Registration code (from Mem ID)
  • Credit card info
  • An unblemished goat to sacrifice as a burnt offering to the con gods

4. What Days Should I Buy?
photoIf you are a first timer to Comic-Con and only can pick a couple of days, you probably don’t know what days to go for first. In regards to the showroom floor, it really doesn’t matter which days you attend. However, Saturday is the craziest so the floor will be at a fever pitch and not for the faint at heart. If you are interested in the ‘hype’ panels, then know that Friday is the big TV day while Saturday is the big movie panels. So in order of demand, it will go Preview Night, Saturday, Friday, Thursday, then the disrespected, Sunday, Check out Tony’s idiotic post last year about if Preview Night is worth it.

deadpool-x-men5. What Are Common Problems?
Hey, everyone makes mistakes (please refer to photo on the left) With 1.21 Gigawatts of nerd energy coursing through the system, there are bound to be a few hiccups. So here are a few cautions to take. Make sure to use a desktop or laptop- not a smart phone or tablet. Don’t open multiple tabs within one browsers. Whatever you do, DO NOT REFRESH YOUR SCREEN…or you will die. If you are dumb enough to get kicked out, log back in and the system should have reserved your place in line- but don’t mess around people. Finally, don’t forget to take screen caps of everything as proof. CCI is reasonable- if you have screen caps then they will usually take care of you.

deadpool1Bonus: Are you open for a threesome?
You will be allowed to purchase for yourself and two others- but all people must have a Member ID and qualify for the badge sale. Buddy up with as many as possible (who are also qualified to go) and buy for each other. It will greatly increase your chances of everyone getting some sort of badge type. If you don’t know of anyone else, Tweet at @Crazy4ComicCon and Tony will do his best to RT your need out. You can also check the Friends of CC Forum. Saturday’s sale will most likely be the only chance you’ll get. Looks like there will NOT be a ‘resale’ opportunity later. Good luck nerds- anyone dressed like yours truly at Comic-Con will get a full frontal hug and hump from me #CosplayIsConscentForDeadpool

The CCI Toucan Blog has a great Q&A to answer more of your questions. Show that you love me by leaving a comment or question too!

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