Is everything better with a Lightsaber?




We are just one day away and the Star Wars excitement is swelling to a fever pitch. One of the best aspects about Star Wars is the fandom. The creativity of artists, cosplayers and creators has no equal in pop culture. As proven by fellow fan, Izzy Squire, who dared to answer the age old question, “Is everything better with a lightsaber?”. I think he proved that the answer is undeniably yes! The force is strong with these new and improved movie posters. Which is your favorite and which movie would you like to see with laser swords?!
(Images by Izzy and Luke for

Wall_e_2 skyfall_xlg Rocky_with_sabre  brave-poster-new Battle-Royale-poster Taken-3-Movie-Poster_2 Back_to_the_future_2 dopota in_bruges_movie_poster01

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