Gingerbread Millennium Falcon v2.0

IMG_7591It’s December which means one thing- we will get a new Star Wars movie this month!! Forget the holidays, it’s only 17 days till nerd Christmas! You might remember, last year I attempted to make my first gingerbread Millennium Falcon. I have to admit that while the medium (graham crackers) is difficult to use, it’s fun shaping something crude into something recognizable. My first attempt was okay (pictured right), but v1.0 definitely had it’s issues. This YT-1300 Light Freighter ended up being way too thick and the cockpit was too big. I also lost a lot of detail in construction. This year I aimed to correct these issues that have been tormenting me all year long. So I present to you my Millennium Falcon v2.0 (now flying!). Merry Christmas and may the force be with you!

She is mounted on a black box painted with stars to blend into the board to give the allusion that is is floating through space.

Like last year, candy canes were turned into turbo-lasers!




I used blue Twizzlers for the hyperdrive and M&Ms for spots of color.


And here are a few construction pics…





3 thoughts on “Gingerbread Millennium Falcon v2.0

  1. You did such an awesome job on this, Tony! I really enjoyed your Periscope, with background music and all. My kids were impressed as well and then looked at me hopefully, as if I could pull off such a feat. Nope, my magic happens with needle and thread, and they’ll just have to be satisfied with my Star Wars quilt, lol.

    • Aww, thanks and thanks for inviting the kids into the experience. A gingerbread ship won’t keep you warm during the winter months like a Star Wars quilt! Thanks for commenting!

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