Captain America: Civil War trailer- is too much a bad thing?

For Thanksgiving week, better than your momma’s pumpkin pie, we have our first look at the highly anticipated Captain America: Civil War trailer! What has basically turned into Avengers 3, this brain-melting two and half minutes is awesomely filled with drama, tension, action and a quick glimpse of Black Panther! Plus, we have yet to see Ant-Man AND Spider-Man! I’ve got to think the execs at DC/Warner Bros are not too happy about how this is shaping up- because at this point, Marvel’s ‘verses’ flick looks exponentially more promising. I did a recent poll on Twitter and fans agreed 75% to 25% that this has got them more pumped for Civil War rather than Batman v Superman. Your thoughts?

However, after I watch such a tremendous trailer, I’m always left wondering if less is more? The trailer already seems to show too much story as well as key scenes from the climax. I’ve already been boycotting the Star Wars trailers and at this point, I’m really glad I did. I know it will pay off on Dec 17th. I am now wondering if I should do the same for Civil War? I know there is a demand for more footage but when is too much a bad thing? What are your thoughts? Do you think Civil War already showed too much footage? Do you want all the characters revealed on in future trailers? Are you boycotting future trailers? Let’s discuss!

4 thoughts on “Captain America: Civil War trailer- is too much a bad thing?

  1. I’m more excited about this movie than about Star Wars.

    Also, I think it was a good call to show a little more here because: (1) fans who know these characters from only the movies need a bit of a nudge to understand why this conflict is brewing, and (2) comic fans need a little something so they understand the deviation from the Marvel comic event. At least, I think so. YMMV.

  2. I agree sometimes there is just too much footage that is released and I would prefer not to see them so that I can experience all in the movie setting…but im not strong like you Tony…I must see all things star wars, marvel and DC puts out NOW…NOW

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