My Comikaze Expo Panels


I’m excited to be returning to the Comikaze Expo at the LA Convention Center! I’ve been attending the show since it opened in 2012 and have enjoyed seeing it mature into an influential con in the LA area. There is a lot of great stuff to see and programming to experience. I’ll be tweeting and Periscoping over the weekend so make sure to follow my adventures! Here are the panels that I am a part of on Saturday and Sunday- hope to see you there!

Marvel v DC: The Dawn of Nerdom [11:30a, Rm 501a]
Nothing has done more to bring our fandom to mainstream than the Marvel and DC films. However, not all films are created equal. Join profession nerds as they compare and contrast decades of great (and not so great) TV shows and films from our favorite caped crusaders. This is must for superhero cinephile of the Marvel and DC universe.
Panelist: Brian Ward, Sean Long, Amy Hypnarowski, Tamara Brooks. Moderator Tony B Kim.

CSIxPysUwAAwJG3GEEK WARS: The Nerds Awaken [1:30p, Rm 511 ABC]
As nerds, we like to have fun but we love engaging in important social cultural topics. Join professional nerds as they battle it out over geek trivia while also discussing relevant social topics like racial stereotyping in comics, feminisms in film, online bullying, and much more. This will be a lively and enlightening conversation that might challenge your view on the pop culture world. Panelist: Chris Gore, Ivy Doom Kitty, Linda Le, Dr Andrea Letimendi, Stephanie Pressman, and Terry Huddleston. Moderated by Tony B Kim.

444-1422424928801Marketing Your Indie Film or Web Series [3p, Rm 506]
Hosted by Tony Kim (@Crazy4ComicCon) with Panelists Chris Gore and Holly K Payne, the panel teaches young filmmakers the best ways to promote and market their film and/or webseries using social media for maximum engagement and profits. As a companion panel to the GeekFest Film Festival screenings, this panel teaches you how to use social media effectively to promote for film festivals, distribution and get noticed online.

steven-yeun-as-glenn-on-the-walking-deadAsian Americans in Media [11a, Rm 501a]
Join Dr. Billy San Juan as he moderates a panel of guests, including Tony B. Kim and Dr. Debra Kawahara, discussing the portrayal of Asian Americans in the media. From Mickey Rooney’s portrayal in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to street racers and karate kids, we examine how the media has shaped our view of Asian American cultures… and how we can shape the media in return.

Check out Comikaze’s complete programming schedule.

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