My BB-8 Halloween Pumpkin!


Growing up, our family didn’t do much to celebrate Halloween. Besides letting us go trick or treating, we didn’t decorate or even carve pumpkins! I guess that’s why I enjoy it so much now as an adult! There is something therapeutic about creating something that you know will disintegrate in a couple of days. In the past I did a Death Star and an Independence Day pumpkins. With Star Wars less than two months away, I knew I had to do something based on a galaxy far, far away. When I first saw the live BB-8 at Star Wars Celebration, I knew that he would be the theme of this year’s Halloween pumpkin. Here are the behind the scene pics of how he came to life and the big reveal!


CRz8k8eUsAENxzW CR0M3eyUkAA0NWf



And now, I present to you, my completed Pumpkin BB-8!



He also just got featured on the official Star Wars site! For those interested in how he was created, I just used a medium size pumpkin cutter that you can get at any grocery store. Don’t use knives but the actual an little pumpkin saw. I painted him with Kilz primer. Once cut out, I used markers and acrylic paint to do the detailing. As a bonus, I lined the inside with orange tissue paper to create contrast instead of seeing the pumpkins guts on the inside. Let me know what you think and if you have any questions!

May the Gourd be with you!

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