What Are Your Hot Topics?


Over the past year, I have had the chance to host an enlightening panel called GEEK WARS (also known as Geeks Keepin It Hot) at different cons all over the nation from SDCC, Comikaze, WonderCon, and most recently, Chicago Comic Con. If you are not familiar with it, I gather together a variety of geek professionals from different industries to partake in some nerd trivia then discuss some relevant social topics that surrounds our community. We have covered topics like ethnic stereotyping, feminisms, cyber bullying, and more. The goal of the panel is to not only have fun but to hopefully elevate the discussion and bring enlightenment to all who participate. It’s been very rewarding experience and I hope to continue the discussion as I close 2015 and go into 2016- but I need your help. Can you take this poll below and let me know what topics you find the most relevant. You can make 3 choices and add your own. Your input is very valuable and will help shape the content of this panel at future shows. Thanks nerds and see you at the next GEEK WARS!

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