Marvel v DC Panel at Chicago Comic Con

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To a full capacity room of passionate comic book and film Illinois geeks, a Marvel v DC showdown unfolded. This past weekend, I was able to help facilitate some amazing discussions among awesome nerds at Chicago Comic Con. I’ll be posting the audio of a few of my panels and I think you’ll find them very thought provoking. So first up…

Nothing has done more to bring our fandom to mainstream than the Marvel and DC cinematic universes. However, not all films are created equal. Joined by profession nerds (@ImAaronJ ‪@docmidnight ‪@crosberg ‪@Stella_Cheeks ‪@mollyjane_k), we compare and contrast decades of great (and not so great) films from our favorite caped crusaders. This is must for superhero cinephile of the Marvel and DC universe. Here is the audio from my Marvel v DC: Dawn of Nerdom panel:

Special thanks to Wizard World for allowing me to be apart of the experience!

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