My Fantastic Four Review


I’m not sure if I would describe Fox’s latest Fantastic Four a ‘highly anticipated’ film for the summer, but there was certainly a lot of curiosity around it. Sure the 2005 and 2007 Tim Story versions fell pretty flat but they also came out before the Marvel Studios juggernaut had been launched. The landscape of the mid-2000s superhero genre was still pretty unstable so the standard was pretty low. Now just a short 10 years later and our expectations are totally different. As many of you heard, the critics were not kind to Josh Trank’s reboot but were they being overly critical? Joined by my nerdy friends Jeff (@NerdsInRecovery) and Jennifer (@jennxlai), we first share are thoughts pre-movie about our expectations, then dive into the aftermath right after the credits rolled. There will be spoilers (and blood). Enjoy!

Download here. Leave your comments below on what you thought of this FF reboot and if you think there is anything worth saving. Make sure to check out my podcast library. Thanks for listening and don’t forget to subscribe through iTunes!

6 thoughts on “My Fantastic Four Review

  1. We liked the original 2000s films. They at least followed the comic books. The left something to be desired as far as effects go, but this re-boot was awful. Even my older 2 boys, 9 & 7, immediately announced to the theater on Saturday evening, how much this re-boot sucked! The only saving grace for our evening was we were doing a double feature and watched Ant-Man afterwards! We thought the CGI for The Thing and Dr Doom were much better, but preferred Michael Chiklis and Julian McMahon as the actors for those roles.

    • Yea, this reboot feel in a mediocre middle where kids AND adults didn’t like it. So no one was happy with what we got. I did think the 2000s version was at least more fun and reflected the comic book more accurately. Thanks for commenting.

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  4. This movie was horrible. I thought the villain was contrived and lacked any depth. What exactly was Doom’s superpower? Control over brains and rocks? The battle sequences were badly choreographed, lacking any cool team combos like the original 2000s films. The only cool little easter egg that I picked up one was during the first scene, when the teacher references Reed’s research into a flying car. Nice little nod to the Fantasticar.

    • Yea, it was amateurish at best. Poor pacing, poor choreography, and poor character development. There is no reason we should have such a terrible superhero movie like this regardless of what decade we are in! I did like the reference too.

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