My Best Comic-Con Moment by Tara

2015-07-08 22.50.28-1This was my fourth year at Comic-Con, and every year, I think that the current year will never be able to beat the previous one.  Simply put, the Universe has given and given and given, and I have gratefully received.  I’ve met amazing nerds, got a backstage meet and great with my celebrity crush (Nathan Fillion) and seen and done everything I’ve wanted to see and do.  This year’s ‘moment’ was something I never could have conceived was in the realm of possibility, which is what made it the best moment ever!

We were in the Hall H line on Wednesday night (totally not needed, as it turned out), awaiting wristband distribution to guarantee our seat at the Doctor Who panel on Thursday.  After being there for several hours, finally, finally, the distribution started.  Which, of course was exactly when I decided I really needed to use the restroom.  I stalled for as long as I could, and it seemed things were moving slowly enough for a safe trip, so I took the risk.

Much relieved, I departed the Hall H bathroom to rejoin my friend in line, and shortly after exiting the Convention Center doors, I spied with my little eyes, a most unexpected surprise!  The Doctor himself, making his way past the tents.  His people were trying to hurry him along, but that didn’t stop him from being willing to share a few lovely words and a photo.

I couldn’t have imagined that I would ever get to meet The Doctor, and I certainly WOULDN’T have imagined it as a happy result of a well-timed bathroom break. But that’s Con for you, giving you Peter Capaldi, and making the unnecessary five hours of line-sitting worth every minute.

Thanks Tara! Send in your best Comic-Con moment, read more here!

3 thoughts on “My Best Comic-Con Moment by Tara

  1. I met him too! I was walking around the gaslamp wednesday night, this being my first con and wanting to see what downtown was about. I was about to go back to my hotel when I saw a bunch of people gathered around and saw camera flashes. I walked over, and there was Peter with his wife and a couple other people. He was waiting for his dinner to arrive, and taking pictures and talking with people. I got a picture with him, and it was an amazing start to my first con.

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