The Best Moment Ever at Comic-Con 2015!


Now that life has returned back to it’s regularly scheduled programming, I don’t want the highs of our Comic-Con experience to fade into a distant memory. Whether you are a first timer or a SDCC veteran, hopefully this year way exceeded your expectations. What I want to do is capture the story of the ‘best moment ever‘ that you experienced. It could be from meeting a celeb, having a conversation, getting inspired, or meeting someone new. Whatever it is, I am asking you to write a short story sharing all the graphic details and most importantly, why it was important to you. Here is the criteria:

  • 500 words or less in a Word doc
  • Briefly share if this is your first time and your expectations going into the show
  • Share what led to the best moment, what happened, and why it was the best moment for you.
  • At lease 1 photo
  • Any info you would like to include like Twitter alias or website
  • Keep it positive, funny, emotional and be creative!

Once you have completed this, send it to Crazy4ComicCon (at) Hotmail (dot) com. Subject should say “Best Moment Ever“. Then I will re-post as many as I can in the weeks to come. Have fun!

8 thoughts on “The Best Moment Ever at Comic-Con 2015!

  1. Best moments for me were working side by side with my wife a Comic Con 2015 Volunteer booths, and meeting so many happy people there to just have fun and enjoy being around other people who enjoy what they enjoy all year round. Everything was great and I got to do and see everything I went there for, even had a chance to do a panel which I haven’t done in years.

  2. Hey dude, here’s my story:
    So I’m back home and it all seems like a dream. It was a great dream but now it’s over.
    I woke up early Wednesday morning on July the 8th and kissed my sleeping kids. It would be the longest I’d been away from them. I drove my rental car to Toronto Pearson Airport and checked in for my flight. Traffic wasn’t too bad on the 401 considering the time. The plane was full but no comic-con people. I expected hordes of Klingons or Storm Troopers at Chicago O’Hare. The longer flight to SD was also crowded, but no comic nerds in sight. The landing at Lindbergh was rough. All my friends said the same about their flights. The plane wings were like seesaws.
    I met my college friend outside the terminal and we grabbed a Prius taxi to the hotel. After check-in we got to the convention and there was a line in front of the con that went from lobby D to the back end of the building. We asked what the line was for. They were all pros and press people, not general attendees! If pros had to wait that long what would the general attendee line look like? We trudged to the back of the pro line and waited. It moved surprisingly fast and after 45 minutes we had our badges. Hallelujah.
    I had an amazing con experience. I met Len Wein, Marv Wolfman, and Neal Adams: the authors of much of my childhood. I said hi to Stan Lee. My hotel was great (three-trolley stops away from the con). I hung out in Little Italy with my college friends and ate and ate. The last time we were all together was my wedding 16 years ago! Balboa Park’s car museum with antique Indian motorcycles, the food of SD, and walking Seaport Village after the con closed on Sunday were memorable. Sitting on the front steps between lobbies B and C after sunset was best for people watching. Waking up every morning with a free breakfast knowing the day was going to be full of great times got me going everyday. I gained weight from vacation eating (“Oh what the hell, I’m on vacation”) and eating out every meal.
    I was given a Gotham swag bag at the door. I asked a nice young woman if I could exchange it for her Teen Titans Go bag for my kids who love that cartoon. She is a fan of Gotham so she said no problem. Preview night I was walking around the Drawn and Quarterly tables and I met Jeffrey Brown, author of my kids’ favorite bedtime Star Wars books. That put a smile on my face. Jeffrey Brown signed my new swag bag and drew a Darth Vader on it. Wednesday night was a good intro to comic-con life, crowded but not crazy. I had to fight the urge to buy everything I saw. Dinner was at a Very Fine Thai patay restaurant in the Gaslamp. It probably tasted better because the con was just starting. We hit Ralph’s on the way back for supplies. I slept very well in my single room after a good long shower and listening to Bob Dylan.
    Thursday was my favorite day on the exhibition floor. I walked up to Len Wein, co-creator of Wolverine, and was amazed he didn’t have the longest line at the con. He and Marv and Neal were the big three for me as a kid. For 5 dollars Len signed my Incredible Hulk 175, the one where Blackbolt knocks out the Hulk with his voice. Don’t people know how important Len is to the Silver Age? I asked him which was his favorite story he had authored and he said it was Batman vs. the Hulk, also one of my favorites. Wish I had brought my copy for him to sign. Dinner was at the Italian place where I had Fine ravioli. One friend scored a pass for a Nerd HQ party where he saw Dwight Howard. I wonder why Dwight Howard was at the con.
    Friday the crowds got crazy. Just enjoyed the con crawl around the convention center. Marv Wolfman signed my Incredible Hulk. He saw Len’s autograph and asked how much he charged. Dinner was at a Very Good microbrew where I didn’t drink but my buddies did. It was only Very Good cause there wasn’t another comic-con badge in the place and the food was okay. Frozen yogurt, self-serve, was Good. Again, a long hot shower and a good sleep ended the day.
    Saturday we skipped the con in the morning and went to Balboa Park. We checked out the car museum and had a Near Mint lunch with sangria where I didn’t drink but my buddies did. Saturday afternoon my friend who actually likes comic books and I went back to the con while the others stayed at Balboa and enjoyed the Maya exhibit. I met Neal Adams and was shocked that I was able to just walk up to him with no line. My friends only had one day each at the con while I had badges for all days so it was fun being their tour guide. It was like a first time to comic-con every day. I showed one buddy the day care for kids upstairs since he wants to bring his son next year. We walked through the Sails Pavilion and admired the arts and crafts where people make their living. We tried to recognize people signing autographs but I didn’t know anyone. I showed him the artist profile review area, feeling discouraged cause there were so few pros reviewing and hiring. In Morgan Spurlock’s great documentary the review area was bigger.
    We took a last look around and I saw Stan Lee and his entourage walking out after his scheduled signing finished.
    “Hey Stan, how you doing?”
    “Hey how’re you.”
    That simple exchange made the list of my life accomplishments.
    Sushi on Saturday night was Near Mint. The Saki was hot but, being in recovery, I don’t drink anymore. I’m glad my buds were able to enjoy it. Mint chocolate gelato was Mint. We sat near my hotel and watched the sun set over the bay and people watched. Amazingly one of my friends got hungry again and ordered a pizza.
    Sunday was a quiet, somber morning. Everyone cleared out one by one. It felt like the Christie book, “And then there was one”. One friend flew back to DC. Another took the crowded Amtrak to LA. The last of us flew back Monday so we checked out the con one last time. There weren’t as many sales as I expected. I hoped vendors would be selling their comics 75 percent off but they didn’t. So we walked to Seaport Village and said goodbye to comic-con from a distance.

    Dinner was Fine paella. It felt bittersweet but it wasn’t sadness. It felt more complete than sadness. It’s hard to feel sad in San Diego. My flight from Chicago to Toronto was delayed six hours. After a month in Toronto we flew back to Korea and the vacation of a lifetime officially ended. The best comic-con moments: talking to my kids every night and being with my best friends, all with the backdrop of comic-con stuff. I’m not sure if I’ll go back next year considering how much everything cost, but I’ll definitely be back someday. It feels good to be home thinking about everything I experienced.

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