My Mission for Comic-Con


It might surprise you what the most successful post at Crazy 4 Comic Con was this past year. It wasn’t how to buy badges, my hotel suggestions, or even how to get into Hall H. Surprisingly, it was my article called ‘The Mission‘, where I talked about pursuing a passionate purpose at Comic-Con. From clicks, to shares, to comments and e-mails, I have been super touched that so many of you were challenged by this post and took it to heart. However, I felt like this message was not only important to write about but to live it out as well. So I am here to share my ‘mission’ for Comic-Con 2015.

dw011First, I want to say thank you for journeying with me over the years with not only Crazy 4 Comic Con, but my various cosplay projects. Whether it was the Doctor Swag Bag of 2013 or Jedi Swag Bag of 2014, you all inspired me to do something weird, creative and to take risks at Comic-Con. This exploration was a meaningful one for me and the designer I worked with, Michael Lew. Over the past couple of years, I’ve introduced him to the world of geekdom and Comic-Con while he has educated me in the world of men’s fashion. This led us down a path for this year.

Second, geek fashion overall has changed and evolved quite a bit. I’ve been particularly amazed with the growth of geek girl fashion companies like Her Universe, Black Milk, and Gold Bubble. It’s really awesome that fellow nerd gals have more option than just wearing a dudes black t-shirt that is two sizes too big. However, while the men’s geeky-T has laid the foundation of pop culture, I have also noticed a real stagnation when it comes to options today. Many of us have been fans for decades- ever since Star Wars had no episodes, when there was just a 5 year voyage, and the only Hasbro movies that existed were in our own imaginations. Since that time, we have grown up, and with that, a more evolved sensibilities when it comes to fashion. Sure a black tee with a logo is fine for a night of D&D or trip to the comic shop. But what about going to a movie premiere, heading into the office, or going out for a nice dinner with someone special? What options do we really have? Our nerdy passions matters but so does fashion too. Today’s geeky guy can be sophisticated, mature, and fashion-forward, as well as proud to be a fan AND want represent fandom. So months ago Michael and I started collaborating on this project.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 2.38.33 AM Hero Within Draft

My goal was to design a casual sport coat that not only looked good and was functional, but reflected the vision of the brand: “Outward style to reflect the inner hero“. Thus was born…

HERO woven labels photo

The Hero Within Collection will be a series of mens sport coats designed with three purposes in mind:

  • Sophisticated design and style
  • A bold statement of fandom
  • Designed to be functional at comic-cons

Hero Within NavyThe design possibilities were endless. However, if you have read my story, you would know that Superman has had a profound impact on my life. Much of who I am today has been shaped by early Superman comics and the Christopher Reeves movies. So I knew that the Man of Steel would be the subject of our first design. Once we finalized on the cut of the suit, the specs were sent off to men’s tailoring factoring in China. This is not a hand-made suit but one that can be created in mass quantities overseas. The super S logo and accessories were hand done but that can all be manufactured if needed. Here is the prototype:

OL100472-1 FullSizeRender

Next are some of the smaller details like the Man of Steel cufflinks and lapel pins

 Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 3.22.43 AM

The interior was designed with comic cons in mind with 9 pockets to carry your phone, extra battery, business cards, note pad, and even a full size iPad mini!

OL100567 OL100562 OL100556

My mission at Comic-Con is to pitch the Hero Within Collection and hopefully find someone that would want to help pioneer this brand with us. Since the WB/DC licensing is a big part, we would have to find a company that currently has or is able to secure the license for the Superman logo. So I will be spending my time casting the vision to anyone that would be interested in this. Some may see this as a foolish adventure, but I have to practice what I preach. If I don’t dream big and take risks, I’ll never know if this could be a reality. Men, it is time that we take another big evolutionary fashion step for geek culture. I think we deserve better and the time has come to where our outward style reflects our inner hero… but I need help.

IMG_8095This is where you come in. Since we have walked this journey together over the years, I am asking for your help to get this story into the hands of anyone that might be interested. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is to never underestimate the power of the tribe. Alone, I can do very little. Together, we can accomplish a lot. Over this week, tweet this, share it, and keep me in mind when talking with your friends, exhibitors, and professionals. The power of Comic-Con relationships can start new businesses and forge new futures. E-mail me (Crazy4ComicCon at Hotmail dot com) or Tweet at me during the show if you can help. To the right is a picture of Michael and I when we were at WonderCon in April. We went to the Her Universe Panel and I showed him around the con. We brainstormed, dreamed and eventually birthed Hero Within. Michael has designed many successful mens fashion lines over the decades and the only thing eclipses his talent is his heart to do good and help others. I am proud to partner up with him on this crazy endeavor. Check out his company Faces Apparel.

Let’s do this! Who is with me!



27 thoughts on “My Mission for Comic-Con

  1. So awesome Tony!! Can’t wait to see this become a reality. I would LOVE some high-end, nerdy men’s fashion in my wardrobe, which does consist mostly of black T-shirts at this point.
    Get these made and I will DEFINITELY buy some. I’d like to put my order in for The Flash right now. Luckily, my favorite color is red.

  2. This is exactly what I was looking for when I was researching what to wear for the Geeks Go Glam party. Multiple Google searches yielded very little in the way of dressier nerd/geek ware. Sure I found socks, suspenders, bowties and ties but very little in the way of button downs, sport coats, blazers and the like.

  3. This is such a great Mission Tony!! I will do all that I can to help,it may not be much, but would love to share it, write about and what not and see what I can do if anything. This is great and know it will become a reality soon enough. I wish you the best and want to help anyway I can no matter how big or small, since you have helped me in ways with SDCC. I am looking forward to meeting you at the Game of Bloggers, this will be my first gathering among content creators, flying solo and will be nervous as can be! I wish you all the best with your mission, and looking forward to your Mission Accomplished post in the future 😉 Ill start saving $$ now to buy mine 🙂

  4. I totally support this! I’ve been thinking about this topic for some time now and I’m sure a lot of us would be down to support you in this endeavor!

    • Wow, that is so awesome- yea I talked to a lot of fellow fans who shared the same sentiment. Thanks for your support- and commenting!

  5. Yes! I absolutely support this! The initial jacket looks amazing. The colors and all the small details are just perfect. I too am tired of the old standby black tshirts and while the under armour alternatives are nice it’s still not the big fashion jump the community is ready to take.

  6. So proud of all you have accomplished! When somebody begins making this stuff, I shall whip out my credit card and go to town-for my husband. Sadly, while Her Universe has beautifully designed clothing, most of the “real” geeky women can’t wear the teeny-tiny sizes they create. I wish that someone (ANYONE) would come up with a geeky line for Goddess-sized women like myself. Now that is a lovely dream…but in the meantime, super super proud of you!

  7. Congrats Tony! One of the reasons I follow your blog is because of your outlook. Sofisticated and stylish. Great collab!

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