Tip of the Day #30: Top 5 Ways to Ruin Comic-Con!

With Comic-Con just around the corner, the excitement builds- and so does the anxiety! If you have never been to Comic-Con before, it’s a fast and furious experience that is matched by no other. However with all the awesomeness to immerse yourself in, there are also a few lows that can really put a dampener on the fun. If you can avoid these 5 common mistakes, then you will have much better chances to have the best week ever. For you con veterans, please leave your advice below on things to avoid at Comic-Con for first timers!

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15 thoughts on “Tip of the Day #30: Top 5 Ways to Ruin Comic-Con!

  1. Awesome tips, Tony! I have just chucked my 4″ stilettos into the alley, and will be wearing some much-loved gym shoes instead. The heels wouldn’t have gone well with my jeans and Aquaman t-shirt anyway. I really enjoyed your animation skills (or whomever you employed to do them for you, if that’s the case), and your R2D2 shirt. I want one!

    • I chucked my stilettos too! Thanks and all the credit goes to Producer Brian Ward- I’m just a puppet in this masterful hands. Thanks for commenting!

    • Yes, going in full strength and rested is important. I also encourage to start on Vitamin C starting on Sunday. You want a heads start again the con crud. Thanks for commenting!

  2. For my 2013 comic con I was a newbie but for an entire year before I scoured the internet for all that I could learn about it mainly at this blog. I made sure to wear good shoes, have back up power and snacks. That helped tremendously. But I got lucky, I did have one plan…to see Person of Interest/Grimm/Revolution panel. I went in line late, had no idea of the con layout, took my time getting in line, had no solid plan and everything worked out perfectly. I knew I couldn’t do that with Hall H etc. But still. II got lucky. Plus I went alone and was oddly Zen about everything. Usually I stress but I didn’t.

    • Thanks for being a return reader. That’s so great that your first year wasn’t too stressful. Sometimes the con gods are merciful to the first timers. I doubt it will be that way this year though! Thanks for sharing your story and for commenting!

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