Tip of the Day #28: How to do Comic-Con in One Day

SignAs we close in on being a week away from Comic-Con and with the schedule finally out, everyone is submerged in planning and strategizing on how to best spend their week. If you are new to the San Diego Comic-Con, this all can be a pretty overwhelming experience. It can be especially daunting if you only have a badge for one day. Believe me, it’s hard enough deciding when you have a full 4 days, let alone less. If you are wading through all of the info about the exhibitors, exclusives, panels, and offsite events and feeling lost- this post is for you. I will give you my recommendation on how to best spend one day at Comic-Con.

First Off…
If you were only able to secure a badge for one day then don’t be sad! You still get a chance to experience the greatest show on Earth, even if it is only for a day. Doing a normal convention is pretty doable in one day, however Comic-Con is not your average con. Right now, much of the SDCC hype is surrounding the big panel news like Doctor Who, Star Wars, and WB/DC. However, if you are going for one day, programming is not your best option- especially if you want to make it into Hall H, Ballroom 20, 6BCF, or 6A. You will spend your entire day in line and will probably miss what you are wanting to see.

  • CggA0WI7.jpg-largeInstead arrive early (pre-5a) to get into the ‘Eveything Else’ line that will be lined up in front of the convention center for either an exclusive or autograph signing lottery (check the schedules). You may win or lose but at least you tried.
  • After that early jump, then spend the first half of your day exploring the exhibit floor. Spanning several football fields long, there is more than enough to do. I would encourage you to study the map first and make a list of everywhere you want to visit. Be systematic in your approach covering enough ground but hitting the main highlights.
  • Go to Artist Alley first and request a commission. To get a custom made work not only supports these great artists but is a fantastic memorabilia of your trip. Do your research on different artists so you can make your selection quick. You want to go early so they can work on it while you shop.
  • If you are a reader, many of the book venders give out freebie books upon requests!
  • Make sure to go to lunch early (no later than 11:30) or else you will get caught in long lines. Get out of the convention center and go left towards the Hilton Bayfront. Typically, they have walk up quick food stand out front of the Starbucks with ready to go burgers/chips.
  • 526DAF7C-EC9A-4B90-B446-9C633E9BF198While you are in that area check out the outdoor offsite event Adult Swim on the Green and the FX Fearless Arena. You probably won’t have time to participate but it will be fun to walk around and enjoy the show.
  • After lunch, I would check out what is going on in the Indigo Ballroom in the Hilton Bayfront. Holding 2,600, its the ‘easiest’ big room to get into. Sometime you can just walk in without a wait. With celebs like Felicia Day, Chris Hardwick, John Barrowman, and more, you might be able to catch a couple of fun panels.
  • On your way back to the convention, check on the status of Hall H. By mid afternoon, sometimes the room flushes so much that you are able to walk in (just maybe). It’s the most notable panel room in the world so if you can get in, go for it.
  • Spend the rest of the afternoon finishing up exploring the exhibit floor and maybe checking out a couple of demos or photo ops (don’t forget to pick up your artwork). Line up for your autograph if you won which could take a couple of hours.
  • Leave the showroom BEFORE it closes to avoid the mass exodus, then head over to the Tin Fish Restaurant, which is right in front of the convention center. It will be crowded but order take out at the bar- it’s much quicker. There is also a Subway around the corner that has sandwiches ready to go.
  • Take dinner to the Omni Hotel which is next door for the Playback Sessions. This room is re-playing the major panels from both Hall H and Ballroom 20. They are without exclusive footage but it’s the next best thing to being their.
  • Hero_SDCCNow that it is evening time, time to check out a couple of Offsite Events. Depending on your interests there are a wide range of ways to end your day. If you are into gaming, check out the Xbox or Nintendo Gaming Lounges. If you want to dance and cut loose, go to either the Thursday or Saturday Fan parties at the Nerd HQ. There are also a number of individual hang out, meet ups, concerts, and lounges that might suit your interests. Just note which ones require tickets.
  • By this time, it’s close to midnight and probably time to head home. Walk back in front of the convention center for one last view. Soak it in and pledge to return next year for all four days.

Well that’s it! full day and you saw a lot of cool stuff. Make sure to check out my SDCC Survival Guide web series for more helpful info. If you have more questions, feel free to leave a comment below. If you are a Comic-Con vet, leave your suggestions on how to best spend one day at Comic-Con.

One thought on “Tip of the Day #28: How to do Comic-Con in One Day

  1. Hello Tony! well I’m gone for a while (depressed post SDCC epic fail trying to buy tickets intent I guess hahaha) but I’m back and have some good news….I get NYCC badges!!! well, I know is not the same thing BUT still is a dream come true. Well I know that you in your web page doesn’t have info about NYCC but it will be great if you could give me and my friend (probably I tell her that you were part of my Intel for SDCC preparation like a 1000000 times hehehe) some advices about that convention. Hope you have a great time on the SDCC 2015, I will try to make it there the next year but for now NYCC HERE WE GO!

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