Comic-ConVersation: Amy Ratcliffe aka: @Amy_Geek

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 10.11.20 PMComic-Con is just a week away! Before we hit ‘ludicrous speed’, let’s pause for another Comic-ConVersations with a very special guests. After interviewing the panelists from my Wrath of Con Bloggers panel (Thu 10a), I am now moving on to my GEEK WARS: The Nerds Awaken Panelist (Fri 10a). This panel will be a combination nerd trivia and social discussion with some awesome professional geeks. I had a great conversation with Dr Ali Mattu which posted a couple of days ago- check it out if you haven’t yet. Tonight I had a chance to chat with Amy Ratcliffe, aka @Amy_Geek. She is a contributing writer from Star Wars, The Nerdist, IGN, CBR, and an all around amazing geek girl. In our ConVersation, she talk’s about growing up in a small town, discovering her nerdom through Batttlestar Galactica, and her journey as a writer. We of course end on the wonders and stress of Comic-Con.

Definitely check her site out at and don’t forget to subscribe to my podcast at iTunes to get the next installment of Comic-ConVersations!

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