2015 San Diego Comic-Con Prep Podcast

Our first time as Press in 2009…our matching shirts were cute

Nerdy friendships… there is nothing quite like it. For a decade, we have been going to Comic-Con and spending countless hours in line for panels, countless miles walked on the exhibit floor, and countless dollars spent on exclusives. We named ourselves the CONtourage some time ago. Our friendships started in Texas, then we migrated to Tennessee, and finally landed in the Mecca of nerdom- Southern California. Most of us started going to SDCC around 2006 and it played an influential part in getting the rest of the CONtourage to move here. We’ve shared many fond SDCC memories, endured the heat of the Hall H line, and geeked out over celebrity sightings. In 2009, we started a podcast about Comic-Con not knowing what in the heck we were doing. We have gathered every year to do the same- and still not quite knowing what we are doing. Over the years, there have been marriages, babies, triumphs, defeats, and redemption in our crazy journey. In this special reunion show, join myself, @NerdOutburst@NerdsInRecovery@ScottNorth and @Rhino767 as we share our favorite con memories over the past 10 years, offer some advice to first timers, and a few key tips to having a great show.

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