Comic-ConVersation: Alyssa Franks: Friends of CCI Forum

head shot 2014As Comic-Con lumbers ever so closer with each passing day, our plans and excitement continues to grow as well. Here is my latest podcast on my mini-series called Comic-ConVersations. The goal of this is to go behind the scenes with some of the most influential con personalities on the web. I want to interview these awesome geek content creators and ask them about life, love, challenges, and what they are passionate about. Alyssa Franks of Friends of CCI Forum joins me today. Not only is she a panelists on my Wrath of Con Bloggers panel but she has built one of the most helpful tools to the con community with her forum- she is kinda like the ‘Architect’ of the Matrix! It was fascinating to discover how her past experience and current passions have converged to help the Comic-Con tribe.

Thanks for listening, make sure to follow @FriendsOfCCI and leave a comment to encourage Alyssa and all the work that the forum moderators have done! Don’t forget to subscribe through iTunes to get the next installment of Comic-ConVersations!

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