Comic-ConVersation: Leonard Sultana: An Englishman in San Diego

meAs we head towards SDCC 2015, I’m excited to continue my mini-series podcast called Comic-ConVersations. The goal of this is to dive deep into the life of con personalities from my Wrath of Con Bloggers and GEEK WARS panels. A Comic-Con panel is a short 45 minutes, so there is little time to explore the journey and experiences of each panelist. So I want to interview these awesome geek content creators and ask them about life, love, challenges, and what they are passionate about. Next up is Leonard Sultana of An Englishman in SDCC. He’s not only been a trusted Comic-Con comrade but has helped to lead the UK tribe in their annual pilgrimage to San diego. We talk about growing up as a nerd in the UK, his career as a DJ, and his first time to Comic-Con. He puts out remarkable content each year and is an overall great bloke (is that the right way to say that?).

Thanks for listening, make sure to follow EnglishmanSDCC and leave a comment to encourage Lenny! Check out last week’s ConVersation with The Nerdy Girlie and don’t forget to subscribe through iTunes to get the next installment of Comic-ConVersations!

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