Tip of the Day #19: Cosplay Tips

If this is your first time to cosplay at Comic-Con then CONgrats! Comic-Con is the cosplay Mecca of the nerd world so you made the right choice. In my latest SDCC Survival Guide episode we cover cosplay tips to help you start out.

Remember, the point of cosplaying is to have fun while expressing yourself. If you are a first timer, don’t take any of this too seriously. Some cosplayers will get more attention than you, you’ll get more attention than expected, you will get great feedback, and you’ll get some weird feedback. Some fans words will be incredibly uplifting and inspirational and a select few will say something odd or dumb. Either way, it’s important that you enjoy yourself and enjoy the con community. I commend you for stepping out and taking a risk. Being a cosplayer means you are a part of the show. Whether you are a first timer or a cosplay veteran, we are super grateful for every one of you. You inspire us with your creativity and passion- so remember that during all the long nights slaving over your costume.

Special thanks for LeeAnna Vamp for her cameo and Tasha Carter for her first time story. Leave a comment below with your cosplay tips. Check out past shows, tweet this post out, and make sure to subscribe to Shout! Factory.

4 thoughts on “Tip of the Day #19: Cosplay Tips

  1. Great post! One more tip – last year I cosplayed for the first time and was so surprised that anyone wanted my picture that I completely forgot to move my badge out of the way. This year I’m thinking ahead with my costumes and where I will secure my badge, but if you’re wearing your badge on the standard lanyard while you cosplay, try to remember to tuck it into your shirt or move it so it’s hanging down your back. This will make the photos look nicer!

  2. I cannot stress enough how important your shoes are. If you haven’t picked out/bought shoes for your cosplay, do it NOW! I bought shoes for my costumes in January and have been wearing them almost every day since to break them in and be sure I can wear them all day.

    Also very important: can you easily use the restroom unaided while in costume? lol

    • Shoes for sure! I should have covered that in the video! The right (or wrong) shoe can make or break your experience. Thanks for this and thanks for commenting!

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