Tip of the Day #16: Offsite Events

With only 41 days till the San Diego Comic-Con, it’s not too early to start planning your week of adventure. One of the most awesome parts of the 4 days in the Gaslamp are all the amazing Offsite Events. Ranging from concerts, museums, interactive experiences, obstacle courses, screenings, and more, there is plenty to do even if you don’t have a SDCC badge. If this is your first time Comic-Con then you definitely want to make time to experience these extracurricular activities. Find a list of some of my favorites on my Offsite Event page. Check out past shows, tweet this link out, and make sure to subscribe to Shout! Factory. Oh, and special thanks to Elice and Rachel for their first time story!

6 thoughts on “Tip of the Day #16: Offsite Events

  1. Hi! Love your blog, informative and resourceful! I purchased Sat and Fri badges. The email says i can pick up both badges on Friday @ SDCC at the attendee badge pick up desk. Do you have any tips on how to quickly retrieve the badges without long lines/wait times? Im a first time comic con goer:)

    • CONgrats and your first SDCC- you will love it. General rule of thumb is that there is a line for EVERYTHING at Comic-Con. The badge pick up in the morning is pretty daunting but fortunately it moves really quick because there are tons of registers. The bigger challenge is if you want to get in line for a panel on Friday, you will have to leave that line to get your badge- which can be a little stressful. I’ll write a more specific post about how to do that in the future. Thanks for following and hope to meet you there.

  2. Favorite off site event last year was Adult Swim Fun House! The Game of Thrones experience is always a great one as well!

    • Yes, I loved the fun house. That area was a great way to get some food and a breather from the Con. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Hi Tony do you know if some of these off site events that say they require a badge (such as the Xbox Gaming Lounge and Game of Thrones) are strict about that policy? I have relatives coming in from Toronto that don’t have badges but would like to check out those 2 off site events. Btw, awesome blog! Truly appreciate all the tips and info you post!

    • Yes, if they require a badge they are usually pretty strict about it. You can always try, but its a risk since you will have to wait in line for hours. Best of luck.

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