Tip of the Day #14: Your Comic Con Survival Kit

As we are closing on just 6 week away from Comic-Con, it’s time to start assembling the core supplies and equipment to survive the crazy week at SDCC. So I present to you the Comic-Con Survival Kit! Here is everything you might need to navigate the convention center for 4 days. For you SDCC vets, leave a comment below about what is in your survival kit. Special thanks to the awesome Shout! Factory– check out past shows and don’t forget to subscribe!

12 thoughts on “Tip of the Day #14: Your Comic Con Survival Kit

  1. Bring books, comics, 3DS, card games, etc to play while in line. It helps time pass by a lot faster and you meet new people playing games and talking about books and comics in line or by having some intense Mario Kart races or Pokemon battles. Bring extra bags from previous years, especially if you have a car or a hotel room near by. Bags can fill up with swag quickly and you can go drop it off in your car or hotel room and grab an empty one quickly. This is related to your budget but make sure to bring the correct credit cards you want to use and/or plenty of cash. There are usually lines at the ATM machines in the convention center and you will also be charged extra fees. Bring a portable chair! These come in very handy in line, especially if you have to wait in the grass early in the morning when it’s wet. Lastly, bring twice as much of whatever you think you will need, especially food and drinks. You will burn a lot of calories since you will walk a lot and sleep very little and you will get hungry so bring two or three times as much food as you think you will need. Food during the con is expensive, not very good and another line! Two of each sharpie, multiple bags, an extra shirt, backup camera(s), memory cards, batteries, batteries batteries!

    • All excellent suggestions! Sounds like you’ve been to a few cons! You should leave these thoughts on the YouTube post as well! Thanks so much and see ya at CC!

  2. Reblogged this on R Cubed and commented:
    SDCC is beginning to close in fast. I wanted to share this post from one of my Con sources, as it may be helpful for those attending this year for the first time, and for seasoned attendees that may want to update their list of supplies. I remember suggesting deodorant in Tony’s article last year. So funny, but definitely a Con essential.

  3. Portable chair, kindle paper white, phone, phone charger, tiny snack containers, and a jacket (it gets COLD in some of those rooms).

  4. It’s a good thing I found this blog site you gave some great tips. I’m looking forward going to this year’s comic con this will be my first time going but going alone. I’m hoping to enjoy every minute of it both the convention and off site events.

    • Hey it’s nice to meet you and it’s so awesome that you are going to SDCC. Don’t worry, you may go alone but you will leave with a lot of new friends. It’s the friendliest 4 days of the year. Hope to meet ya there and thanks for commenting!

  5. Great tips Tony! I also pack a travel sized thing of antibacterial wipes for hands, sticky tables, and anything else that gets gross. A few ziplock bags at the bottom of you bag always seem to come in handy as well! Looking forward to more tips and of course SDCC!

    • I would like to know the answer to this question as well. If we have tickets for Thursday and we plan on getting in line Wednesday afternoon for Thursday panels in Hall H, will we need to get our badge for Thursday on Wednesday morning before getting in the Hall H line? Where do you go to get your badges? Lobby area?

      • You can get in line for Hall H first. Then get out to get your badge up in Sails Pavillion (just follow the horde, it will be clear). Make sure someone holds your place in line or take turns getting your badge.

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