The Force Awakens Panel

The 10th Star Wars Celebration started off with a galactic bang on Thursday with The Force Awakens panel. Buzzing with a capacity crowd of 4k+ fans (many sleeping there overnight), the Arena was very strong with the force. I think all in attendance would have agreed it was worth the wait and exceeded expectations. The panel primarily consisted of Director JJ Abrams and Producer Kathleen Kennedy, but also introduced new friends and reunited old ones. Ending with the grand reveal of the new trailer, it was an amazing panel and the perfect way to kick off Celebration.

I intentionally shielded myself from the trailer in an attempt to go into Episode VII spoil free. It was the hardest thing I have ever done as a grown adult. The struggle is real. If you were there or watched the steaming panel online, let me know what your thoughts were and what you are excited about.


9 thoughts on “The Force Awakens Panel

  1. Tony, the trailer is AWESOME!!! However, I understand why you refuse to watch the trailer. I refuse to watch any Age of Ultron trailers at the point.

    • Yea it’s gonna be a loooooong year for me but I know it will be worth it. I haven’t seen any of the recent Avengers trailers and I know that it will pay off too. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I was one of the MANY that stayed overnight to get in and it was worth EVERY ache and pain! The panel was awesome and the trailer…the trailer took me back to when I was six years old seeing star wars for the very first time. Star Wars is the only movie franchise that can do such a thing. I had my doubts but Star Wars is in GREAT hands with JJ and I can’t wait till December. I don’t know how you didn’t watch and I am sure it was the hardest thing you have had to do. Going to be hard to stay spoiler free till the movie comes out. You have to go total social media blackout. I wish you luck my friend. Oh and it was nice to finally meet you on Thursday at the show!

    • What a great story- thanks for sharing! Believe me, it’s going to be hard but I know I will be glad I did it. I don’t mind seeing a screw cap or two (which is unavoidable) but I don’t want to see anything more. It was great meeting you too and hope to see ya at SDCC! Thanks for commenting?

  3. The newest trailer brought a tear or two to my eyes. I am so excited that I saw it, but part of me wishes I had kept myself away from teasers and spoilers (nearly impossible where I work though lol).
    I will say that this trailer did a very good job of getting people excited without revealing too much of the story. They picked the perfect musical scores to present it with too. All I have to do is hear John Williams “Binary Sunset” and it immediately draws me in! That lone horn followed by the orchestra just puts me in my happy place instantly. 🙂

    Tony, I wish you luck on your eight, spoiler free months! I am sure it will make the movie so much more enjoyable!

    • It’s great to hear you were so emotionally moved- sounds like the common consensus! Even though I haven’t watched it, I can trust feedback from trusted fans like you. So I can stay excited without being spoiled! Thanks for your comment!

      • I literately had goose bumps after seeing the trailer but it is the last one I will voluntarily watch. I want to see the movie without it being spoiled by too much knowledge.

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