Shape the Future of Crazy 4 Comic Con!

This year marks not only the 5th year for Crazy 4 Comic Con, it’s my 10th anniversary to SDCC! Having a chance to write about con culture and interacting with you all has been an unbelievably rewarding experience. Within an exciting decade, it’s been a privilege to be an attendee, press, staff, and a professional. One thing I have learned is that every year is incredibly unique- bringing it’s own challenges and highlights. So as we begin our approach to this year’s show, I want to ask how I can best serve you? We are ALL crazy for Comic-Con, so I need your help to shape what I write about this year.

Thanks for taking a moment and feel free to leave a comment- and thanks your love, support, comments, and tweets, over the years. Together this will be the best year yet!

5 thoughts on “Shape the Future of Crazy 4 Comic Con!

  1. Hi Tony,
    You asked me to repost my suggestion here, so I am.
    I always enjoy getting information about secret/special events at SDCC, by which I mean events where you have to complete a task or otherwise do something special to get access (like the Marvel scavenger hunt to see the Item47 video) or events that you have access to but maybe the public doesn’t (industry parties, etc.).
    I would love to see more of that this year!

  2. Safety and convenience for the goers must be number one but it ain’t…hence hotelpocalypse is a catch phrase and tragically a young woman lost her life for her passion few years back. Industry pros passing on knowledge and life wisdom number two choice and third, fan interest showcase for people who want to work in in comic arts and cosplay etc. best of luck to all this Saturday! Personally I hope to see more panels for young women to break into comics (last year I only saw two panels that specifically talked about this) and for the big two to reduce the t n a and violence so my kids will love comics and not be afraid of them.

    • Thanks Bruce for your thoughts. Amen to your last thought about helping young women break into comics. I agree that the industry has to be more friendly to both male and female readers. Thanks for commenting!

  3. As a fellow blogger/journalist; I’m always curious to know what draws attendees to such events. It’s exciting to hear where people traveled from, how they constructed their cosplay, who/what they’re looking forward to seeing, capture THEIR story. Connecting with the ‘fans’ and including them in my coverage is my favorite part of SDCC. To see ‘fans’ faces and to hear the excitement and energy of their story is a unique experience; not only for them to shine & be heard but also as the ‘reporter’ to share that moment w/ them because I too am a geek!

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