January Nerd Block Unboxing


A new box service that I am checking out is Nerd Block. It’s been so awesome to experience the creativity of different geeky box services. Nerd Block is a more customizable service that allows you to choose from various themes like Classic, Arcade, and Horror ($19.99). There are also Jr versions for boys and girls ($13.99). I went with the Classic theme- which is appropriate since they describe it as “Comic Con in a box!”- speaking my love language. Themed “A Galaxy Far, Far Away“, I was pleased with the oversized box that was overflowing with all kinds of nerdy goodness from across the galaxy. Here is what I got in January’s box:

A Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver T-shirt.

A mini Grumpy Cat plushy.

ScatterBrainz dart game with the…

Fun office decision making dart board.

Don’t take another Hobbit adventure without a pair of Elf Ears.

My personal favorite is this Gandalf pen with bookmark. So awesome!

I was super excited to get this film cell clip from my favorite movie of all time- The Empire Strikes Back.

Boldly go where no Ape has gone before? A Planet of the Apes/Star Trek comic crossover.


As you can see, there was a ton of awesomeness stuffed into this Nerd Block. Priced at $19.99, this was definitely worth it. Especially since you can customize with various themes. This Crate service is worth checking out for you or another indiscriminate nerd in your life. Check it out more information at NerdBlock.com and follow them at @NerdBlock on twitter.

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