Happy Super Bowl Sunday!


It’s the time honored tradition of celebrating the Super Bowl. I’m not a super fan but I do faithfully follow my childhood team, the Dallas Cowboys. I too am joining in on the hoopla by hosting a party at my house. However, after contemplating the day, I started thinking about the Super Bowl’s similarity to Comic-Con. Throughout the year, I get into many Comic-Con related conversations- many times with non-fans. This is what people often say to me:

  • Do people REALLY come in costume?
  • Aren’t the attendees fanatical?
  • Isn’t it a big spectacle?
  • It seems too commercial
  • It attracts over 100k people!
  • Don’t people gawk at the girls?
  • It’s so expensive isn’t it?
  • How do I get tickets?
  • Is it really worth it?
  • It all seems a little over the top
  • It all seems a little weird to me

Sounds familiar? The two events are not that different. Whether it’s comics or sports, we all have things we are fanatical about. So before anyone mocks one side or another, it’s good to remember that fandom in all it’s various forms should be celebrated. The fact is, we all look a little silly- which is good. If you are not weird, you are boring. So here’s to fans expressing themselves in the most extreme ways today. For the sports Otakus, this is your day… our day is coming in July. Feel free to e-mail this post to friends, co-workers, or family that don’t quite get your nerd passion for Comic-Con. Have a great Super Bowl all!

3 thoughts on “Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

  1. This was an interesting post and it made me think. I’ve never considered the similarities between the two, and I’ve kinda followed football all my life. I too am a lifelong fan of the Cowboys because it’s my home team. Glad they did better this year and sad that they lost. Thanks for sharing that perspective



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