January Loot Crate: Rewind


I decided to do my Loot Crate unboxing while chilling out at Starbucks this morning. Why don’t you sit down and join me for a few minutes?? We take a stroll down memory lane with this month’s theme- Retro:

From one of my favorite anime series as a kid, a Voltron Blueprint T-shirt from Flophouse.

Time to invade your space with this exclusive Retro Arcade Skinny Tie by Black Tie Geek

Super cute and super dangerous, the 10-Doh! Figure by Squid Kids Ink

Throw some shade with these sweet 8-Bit Glasses from Loot Crate

Unleash your creativity with this Comic Notebook by Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild

Marvel treats us to this Star Wars Comic Book Issue 01!


Also included in every box is their Loot Crate booklet with nerd articles, fun photos, and more. This month had a great write up on Voltron. Whether you are a gamer, comics, TV, or movie nerd, you will love these themed boxes. Loot Crate is ideal for nerds who likes a little bit of everything. When you are a geek of everything, it’s nice to have random swag come straight to your door. For about $20, I think this is a pretty good deal- and also makes for a great gift. I look forward to the next Loot Crate and encourage you to sign up today! Check out there website for past crates and follow them on Twitter @LootCrate! You can also look back at my past Loot Crate posts.

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