The Marvel Experience Ticket Giveaway!


Step into Hyper-Reality, The Marvel Experience is coming to San Diego, Feb. 7-22! For my ‘Crazies’ out there, I have a special ticket giveaway for you- but first, more about this attraction.

UqYCo7RNF3cZYyNWAZVHcVUxGeRNvbzAk33k5rxE1n8The Marvel Experience is a massive traveling attraction with seven huge Domes, a life-size Avengers Quinjet, and a state-of-the-art, 4-D motion ride.  The audience doesn’t just sit there.  They’re thrown into the middle of a full-blown, Hollywood-scripted adventure alongside Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, and a dozen other Marvel Super Heroes and Villains.  Everything happens with bleeding-edge technology and advanced computer animation.  There’s nothing else like it.  Not only does the audience get to join the adventure, in the end they become heroes themselves.

YnPOanAuM6k1jKBP12IXwDOmKWFJMW_8B1I8Ns2oJ98,7F8Wsn7dq3bPKyt0l-lqlK8joT56gN-gN_MHjs1Il48With the next stop in San Diego, The Marvel Experience creators Hero Ventures have teamed up with one of the world’s leading entertainment impresarios, Michael Cohl and Marvel Entertainment to create “The Marvel Experience” that will appeal to a multi-generational audience, allowing fans to truly become a part of the action.

rNMZfuE8_hwYXnCSGZfeU08FuViCtYD7nNS8-v2v4XU,uo5CIiKurVtJpkRrZvJkTwufIusstZxcfq28Tf0fdxUAs agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in training, guests of The Marvel Experience will swing with Spider-Man, smash with Hulk, fly with Iron Man and more, all in preparation for an epic battle alongside Marvel’s biggest Super Heroes in a fight against Red Skull, M.O.D.O.K. and an army of evil Adaptoids. The Marvel Experience incorporates next-generation interactive technology including augmented reality, multi-person gaming and RFID progress tracking so you can see yourself in action. Everything happens with bleeding-edge technology and advanced computer animation. There’s nothing else like it. Not only does the audience get to join the adventure, in the end they may even become heroes themselves.

Tickets are available both at and at

Crazy4ComicCon readers, you can win a pair of tickets to this San Diego show ($69 value) by simply doing the following:

  • Leave a comment below sharing why you are a “Crazy Marvel Fan”
  • Tweet out: I’m a #CrazyMarvelFan and win @TheMarvelExp tickets on @Crazy4ComicCon [link to this post]
  • Enter as many times as you like!

Giveaway details:

  • Contest goes till midnight Feb 2
  • The Experience runs Feb 7-22
  • The pair of tickets are good for Mon – Thur only
  • Winners will be notified via Twitter

Good luck all and I am looking forward to reading why you are the craziest Marvel fan out there! Best of luck!


17 thoughts on “The Marvel Experience Ticket Giveaway!

  1. I read Marvel comics as a kid but I was bullied endlessly for being a girl who read comics so I stopped. Then The Avengers came out. I saw it at least 12 times in theaters and got back into comics, started going to cons, met all my best friends (one of whom I share a house with now), and got an incredible job because of it. My comics shelves bow in the middle, my dvd shelf is 90% Marvel. Next Saturday I’m getting an Avengers tattoo. I…might actually be the craziest.

    • What an awesome story! It’s great to hear you ‘come out’ and be proud of your nerd interests. I can’t wait to see the tattoo! Thanks for commenting!

  2. I can go any day. I’ve been reading Marvel Comics since 1979….the Miller Daredevil, Clairemont X-Men, and Byrne Fantastic Four are my favorites from that era. Enjoy the Hickman FF now.This makes me a Crazy Marvel Fan!

  3. ‘A crazy Marvel fan’? I dunno, does holding off on buying the Phase 1 Briefcase box set until I went to San Diego Comic-Con, partly because I wanted a copy of The Avengers which didn’t have a titlecard of ‘Avengers Assemble’ in it like the UK version did? Or mostly so I could lay my hands on the Skottie Young poster that came with and get him to sign it? (And then chase him down at a UK signing so he could draw a Thanos on it, too?) Does that count??

  4. I am a crazy Marvel fan because I am a 15 year old girl who wakes up 2 hours before school to do my hair but, on weekends, I would rather stay home to read my Marvel Encyclopedia and comics then go out to parties. I have also never missed a single San Diego Comic Con in 7 years and already have my tickets for this year! Not to mention I had a very vivid dream about seeing all of the Avenger and Marvel movie costumes about a month or two before my mom told me about The Marvel Experience. Please help me make this dream a reality!

    • So awesome to hear your such a fan at 15 and it’s so cool you have been too so many SDCC! You are a true fan! Thanks for commenting!

  5. Considering that my twitter handle is @HOWLlNCOMMANDO, inspired by nick fury and his elite us army combat unit from the world war ii based comic “sgt. fury and his howling commandos” and whom are also featured in “captain america: the first avenger” as well as “agent carter”, i don’t think much more needs to be said. however, i will say that if that doesn’t show how much of a “crazy marvel fan” i am, hopefully it shows how dedicated i am to making sure that the whole world knows how much marvel means to me.

  6. Hmm I’d say I’m a crazy marvel fan because 1) it’s obviously marvelOUS! 😉 hehe and 2) I’ve been in love with the comics ever since I was a kid and as I grew older began to write my own creative comics revolving around my favorite heros! Memories :’) It’s been a great escape for me to live on a fantasy and take a step back from reality. Thus, I’m a crazy marvel fan and it would mean the WORLD to me if I got to go!! ❤

  7. Hmm I’d say I’m a crazy marvel fan because 1) it’s obviously MARVELOUS! 😉 hehe 2) I’ve been a huge fan ever since I was a young girl where I would write some short stories about my favorite heroes and just vicariously through it haha. Plus, the comics were always something to bond with my brothers & male cousins. Fuuuun. But yes, I’m a crazy marvel fan and I would be SO ecstatic if I got to go to the Marvel Experience!!! ❤

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