December HeroCrate: Captain America


“With everything that’s happening, the things that are about to come to light, people might just need a little old fashioned..”

-Agent Coulsen, Captain America

Another great geeky box service that I am excited about is HeroCrate. Created by US veterans, HeroCrate focuses on a superhero each month! Their motto ““DEFEND YOUR INNER HERO & LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND”. Pretty awesome. Something else that makes them unique is that they guarantee a t-shirt in every crate! So I was super pleased to discover that this month’s crate was on my favorite Marvel character- Captain America! Behold the unboxing…

Cap’n Americ-Crunch t-shirt from Rip-T. It’s the breakfast of heroes!

POP! Vinyls assemble! To lead my collection is a classic Cap with detachable shield! 

Retro Cap can now join me for early morning coffee.

Keep your car smelling like a hero with this Captain America scented shield.


If you are like me and I enjoy collecting the heroes more than the villains in the comic book universe, then HeroCrate is for you! There is no subscription and the crates sell out each month so don’t wait. A single crate is about $30 and a 3 month order is about $83. To find out more info and to order, go to the HeroCrate website and follow them on Twitter. Nerds assemble!


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