Ant-Man Trailer

After a ‘little’ tease in Hall H a couple of years ago and a limited panel at this year’s SDCC, we are finally seeing our first legitimate look at Ant-Man. Unusual drama has surrounded this tiny Marvel property with production delays and a changing of directors- but it is seeming to all come together. This trailer aired last night during the Agent Carter premiere, capitalizing on the synergy of ever expanding Marvel universe. While Paul Rudd seems an unlikely hero, I think he seems to fit well as a reluctant and snarky Scott Lang. Plus, Michael Douglas in anything is pretty much gold. I’m already hopeful and Marvel continues it’s near-hubris posture of being able to make the most absurd property seem awesome and cool. Let me know your thoughts and if this met expectation.

Check out the panel from this past Comic-Con:

2 thoughts on “Ant-Man Trailer

    • Well Ray Palmer is on Arrow but who knows how long it takes for him to turn into Atom. Marvel continues to beat DC to the punch. Thanks for the comment!

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