December Loot Crate: Anniversaries


For December, Loot Crate’s Anniversaries theme box celebrates Tetris and Ghostbusters turning 30, The Simpsons turning 25, Batman turning 75, and more. Just in time for Christmas, this month’s treasure came in an oversized box to fit all it’s geeky goodness. Seriously rad stuff down below:

To add to my growing POP! Vinyl collection is a unique Joker/Batman mash up  by Funko

One of the hottest DC titles and one of my personal favs, Batman comic issue 36 (by DC Comics). This is a fantastic one with great art and some awesome cameos. I would definitely suggest picking up both 36 & 37.

Protect your car from odor with a Captain America Air Freshener by Plasticolor. You will be the hero to fellow nerds and the non-nerds will just think you are patriotic!

A Simpson cast Mighty Wallet by Dyno Mighty. I’ve been using a Mighty Wallet since my first one Loot Crate sent me over a year ago. They are lightweight, indestructible, and nerdy!

Some retro fun with a classic Tetris sticker set by Paladone

What are the geekiest 3 words of 2014- “I am Groot”. HYP Hosiery gifted us with an exclusive Dancing Groot Crew Socks.

Besides Loot Crate, who ya gonna call? Exclusive Ghostbusters doorhanger


A few more random items concluded this great Loot for Decembers box. Whether you are a gamer, comics, TV, or movie nerd, you will love these themed boxes. Loot Crate is ideal for nerds who likes a little bit of everything. When you are a geek of everything, it’s nice to have random swag come straight to your door. For about $20, I think this is a pretty good deal- and also makes for a great gift. I look forward to the next Loot Crate and encourage you to sign up today! Check out there website for past crates and follow them on Twitter @LootCrate! You can also look back at my past Loot Crate posts.


5 thoughts on “December Loot Crate: Anniversaries

  1. I was out shopping the other day and saw the Simpsons wallet priced at $15. Even if you are not part of a particular fandom, for $20/month, Lootcrate is a great deal. Plus, whatever you don’t keep makes great gifts for others (+10 to karma)

  2. I started my LC subscription with that kit and loved it. Was about to cancel this month’s until I found out Star Wars and Voltron will be in it. Can’t wait to see what else it has!

    • Yea! Sure, not every box is a total hit but I have loved being a surprise and been really pleased with the diversity of nerd goodies. What a great idea.

  3. I love the subscription and it’s great fun anticipating what is going to be in the box! If there are fan-group related things I am not into myself, I give them to friends. My husband got it for me and I love it!

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