Merry Nerdy Christmas!


For this year’s nerdy Christmas project, I embarked in the wonderful world of gingerbread art. I’ve only made a handful of gingerbread houses in my lifetime, which turned out to be pretty modest 2 bedroom/1 bath, single family homes. So this year, I wanted to take it to a galaxy far, far away. I’ve always wanted to make a Millennium Falcon out of food (who wouldn’t?) so I thought this was the perfect opportunity. This project took about a day and I definitely learned a lot in the process for next time around. I also made sure to include the updated Episode VII dish for those wondering why it wasn’t the traditional round one 🙂 Here are a few more pics- she doesn’t look like much but she’s got it where it counts…

gingerbread 02

gingerbread 01

Millennium Falcon 04

Millennium Falcon 03

Millennium Falcon 02

Millennium Falcon 05

While made of edible materials, I think all the hot glue used would end up giving toxic poisoning to whoever ate it. I would definitely like to try this project again in the future in order to get all the proportions and angles just right. What excites me about working on projects like this is the limitation of the medium. Icing is very tricky to work with but I’d love to get better. Check out the write up on That’s Nerdalicious! This definitely got me already thinking of what to create next year! A bunch of my friends, sent me pics of an internet famous gingerbread USS Enterprise- coincidently, it’s in the same town that I live in! Dry docked at the BlackMarket Bakery in Costa Mesa, this Constellation Class confection definitely goes where no baker has gone before.


As we celebrate the holidays, I want to take a moment to say that one of the greatest gifts to me is the continual love and support from all the readers of this site (and Twitter & Instagram). We are all just a bunch of creative and nerdy fans trying to connect and inspire each other, and I am so grateful for each and every one of you. My hope and prayer is that you will have a wonderful holidays surrounded with friends and loved ones. I also want to acknowledge that this season also brings a lot of pain for some- reminders of lost love, lost loved ones, or past pain. For you, I hope you find peace and resolution in unexpected places. Regardless of how it might feel, you are not alone. So to all my geeky friends, I want to wish you the warmest Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Wookie Life Day to you!

Comment below with your suggestions for next year’s gingerbread project!

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