1Up Box Unboxing


The Internet, the final frontier. These are the voyages of Crazy4ComicCon. My mission; To explore strange new swag. To seek out new geekery and civilizations. To boldly go where no nerd has gone before…

Captains Log, stardate: 10.31.14. My recent journey into nerdom has revealed to me a new species that calls itself the 1Up Box. Similar to other box lifeforms, 1Up Box offers all kinds of geeky themed swag for one low monthly price. For a single month, the cost for a box with shipping is less than $19. Check out their site for more details here. Time to explore October’s box- engage!

Since this arrived just before Halloween, the Marvel/Nightmare Before Christmas themed shirt was perfect. I got a chance to wear this a few times before the 31st and got lots of compliments. Plus it glows in the dark!

I got my ghoul on with this Nintendo 5” Boo Plush!

I can now carry all my apocalypse survival gear in this Zombie Outbreak Response Unit Backpack.

Wall art of the Three “Boo”ges.

What time is it?! It’s feeding time with this “Muncha Yo Buns Magnet.

A pack of Pop Rocks Extreme Sour Candy and a 1Up Box Button rounded out this first box. My favorite was definitely the shirt and I will be rolling up in it for many Halloweens to come. It looks like 1Up Box has been in production for just a couple of months, so be one of the first to get the word out to your friends. Check out their differently monthly plans and sign up today! Also, don’t forget to follow them at @1Up_Box.

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