September Loot Crate: Galactic


My September unboxing is a little late but I wanted to make to share this Looty awesomeness with you. Themed ‘Galactic’, this month brought some geekiness from our favorite sic-fi properties. This was one of my favorite boxes with most of this swag making it on my walls or shelves. In space, no one may be able to hear you scream, but everyone certainly could from my office. Check this stuff out:

Classic Alien Re-Action Figure from Funko & 20th Century Fox. These are hard to find and not cheap, so I was thrilled! 

Who doesn’t love a Tribble (by Quantum Mechanix)? Even as a hardcore Trekkie, I didn’t have one of adorable space pets. 

He may be small, but you would be smart not to mess with this vinyl Mal from Funko.

If you ever find yourself onboard Serenity, use this stack of Firefly money to help you get where your going (by Quantum Mechanix).

He’s no good to me dead but he is sure awesome as a poster (9 x 27″ poster by Lucasfilm Ltd).

My nerdy magnet collection grows with this Star Wars astroid scene belt in the style of one of our favorite classic video game (Loot Crate Labs)

Loot Crate is always great about throwing in tasty goodies like Pop Rocks!

Another epic collection. Loot Crate keeps knocking it out of the galaxy every month! If you haven’t signed up for Loot Crate, what are you doing with your life? Whether you are a gamer, comics, TV, or movie nerd, you will love these theme. Loot Crate is ideal for nerds who likes a little bit of everything. When you are a geek of everything, it’s nice to have random swag come straight to your door. For about $20, I think this is a pretty good deal. I look forward to the next Loot Crate and encourage you to sign up today! Check out there website for past crates and follow them on Twitter @LootCrate! You can also look back at my past Loot Crate posts.

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