Tip of the Day #1: 7 ways to prepare for the San Diego Comic-Con 2015


It may be 9 months till the San Diego Comic-Con but it’s not too early to prepare. If you are interested in experiencing it for the first time or a long time attender, early planning is the key. While SDCC is the most popular comic convention to attend, it is also one of the most difficult. I’m already receiving e-mailsand DMs about what hopeful fans should be doing right now. So here are a few tips to prepare you for the 2015 show:

1. Mark Your Calendar!
This year show is a little earlier than normal- July 9-12 with Preview Night being July 8. You will be allowed to buy one day or multiple days. If you are new and don’t know what Preview Night is, don’t worry, I will cover that when it’s time.

2. Cost
Screen shot 2014-10-14 at 8.41.06 PM
If rules stay the same as previous years, you won’t be able to purchase Preview Night unless you purchase the 4 other days.

3. How Do I Get a Badge?
There will be two different badge sales coming up- one later this fall and one early next year. The first one is for early those that attended this year’s 2014 show. Eligible attendees must register their badge from the show (more details below) in order to get info on the upcoming sale. If you did not attend last year and youare brand new to this process, make sure to get a Member ID in order to be informed of the sale for you happening in early 2015. So if you start seeing a flurry of tweets about “Preregistration Badge Sales”, don’t worry. Your turn in coming up.

4. Badge Validation (Deadline today)
BadgesFor return attendees, SDCC is asking you to register your badge from this past year. In order to participate in this Preregistration Sale, you must validate your badge by October 15, 2014. To validate your badge ID, log in to your Comic-Con Member ID account and go to the “Registration Info” tab. There you will find instructions to complete your badge ID validation. Reminder that you should never throw away your Comic-Con badge! It’s the trophy to commemorate your past Comic-Con!

5. Press and other Badges
Another common request I am being asked is about Press. If you have not been applied for Press before, you still have some waiting to do. Typically Press applications and approvals will fall later in 2015. This means if you know your Press verifications will be due or you are applying for the first time, it would be prudent to purchase a first time attendee badge to be safe. I would encourage you to make sure you are creating content now that would make you eligible for 2015 Press. Professionals, guests of professionals, exhibitors, exhibitor purchased attendee badges, volunteers, staff, etc will all happen later in Spring 2015.

6. Comic-Comrads
Paul-movie-image-Simon-Pegg-Nick-Frost-comic-conWho you select to take this journey with you is very important. The San Diego Comic-Con is not for the faint of heart. It takes time, money, and effort to get you there. For some, they may be excited to experience this pop culture extravaganza, but the excitement mind wain by the time hotel registration begin. There is nothing more frustrating than working out details only to have people in your group drop out last second. Plus, they might not be able to keep up with the rigorous schedule while you are there.

7. Hotels
The ShireIf you have never been to SDCC before, you may be wondering why you currently can’t get reservations at any of the adjacent hotels to the convention center. Comic-Con reserves a huge block of hotels at a discounted rate for the 2015 show. The hotel sale usually happens after the regular attendee sale sometime in Spring. If you are as paranoid and a control freak like myself, you will probably want to go reserve a hotel room that is farther out. Then you will have a back up plan if you get shut out of the Comic-Con hotel lottery. If you do, make sure it has a free cancelation policy so you don’t get stuck with extra fees. Once either of the badge sales are completed, the available hotels out there will diminish.

Hope these tips help you prepare- and more to come! For more help check out the Toucan Blog, the official blog of Comic-Con International.

24 thoughts on “Tip of the Day #1: 7 ways to prepare for the San Diego Comic-Con 2015

  1. Awesome plans! Check,check, & check ! Hotel locked at the Hilton Bayfront but still hope I get it in the lottery so its cheaper, friends/ Comic-Con buddies lined up 4 badge purchase. Badge validation done the even b4 the tweet went out. $220 set aside 4 badge purchase!

  2. Tony, I recall from last year that Trade Professionals (and returning registrants as well, I think) were allowed to purchase a certain number of guest or companion badges along with their own. Would you happen to know exactly how many?

    • That is correct- although the number changes based on how many they choose to allocate out. Sorry I can’t be more specific.

  3. Tony I wanna go for my first time… i need to get a badge!! its like a lifetime goal, what you recommend to me? …. I hope to be there the next year…. really! and thanks for your advices it are really helpfull for a noobie like me…

    • I hope you get to go! Just read my post and I’ll help you as much as I can. You still have a while to buy tickets. Best of luck to you!

  4. Yikes! I have been attending Comic Con for four years and got a four day pass every time. This year I watched in horror as Wednesday…Friday…Saturday sold out. Then my heart sank even more when I saw Thursday and Sunday sold out too!
    I think it was a huge amount of luck that got me a four day pass on my first trip to the Con. I am going to book a hotel anyway and keep my fingers crossed that I get my passes during regular registration. Has anyone else experienced this during resale?? I figured I would at least get one day. :/

    • So sorry to hear that you cane ip empty. With so much demand, many were left badgeless. However, all is not lost. Hopefully uou can get some during the regular sale next year. Good luck to you and thanks for commenting.

  5. How early do you think they will do the regular registration in 2015? Some people have said as early as January, do you think that’s possible? Normally it’s in February.

  6. Hey tony, love your blog! I’m gonna be trying to get some tickets for me and my boyfriend – first time goers. Really hope we can score tickets when the time comes! You mentioned booking hotels not currently blocked out by comic-con…do you have specific ones you could suggest that haven’t been blocked by them that are as close as you can get? I like playing it safe too!

    • Thank you! You have to just call around or search online. Main thing is find one within the city that gives a full refund. It wont be close but you need a backup plan. Good luck!

  7. Remember, the super convenient San Diego Trolley stops right next to the Convention Center, so visitors might find lodging that’s relatively far away (out in East County or down in South Bay, for example), as long as a trolley stop is nearby.

  8. I was looking for info about going in 2016, for the first time. Now I am totally depressed. I didn’t realize it would be so hard to get tickets. I thought if I started planning early enough….I have to fly across the country. My boyfriend and I are nobody special, not press, not part of any club. Just GOT fans that want to go before the last season…

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