GeekFest Film Festival


I’ll be hosting the GeekFest Film Festival this weekend at Rose City Comic Con. I am passionate about film and I’m honored to have a chance to celebrate these emerging artists and creators. These filmmakers will be the storytellers of the future so please come check out GeekFest. There will be a great selection of shorts- the best part is that all attendees will be eligible to vote for all shorts plus a chance to win prizes! The screenings are on Sunday September 21- 1p-3p Panel Room 3. Hope to see you there and check out the GeekFest website and follow @RUGeekie for more info. Trailers below:

Some of the entries:
 Directed by Robin G. Phillips
Caper Directed by Donald Murphy
Star Wars: The Holo Experience Directed by Miguel Angel Sánchez and Cogolludo Santiago Hernández
Carolina Parakeet Directed by A.J. Briones
Far Directed by Brian Crewe
The Visitant Directed by Nick Peterson
and more!



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