Doctor Who “Deep Breath” Podcast Review

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After much anticipation, theorizing, and discussion, the new season of Doctor Who has officially begun! With the introduction of a new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, Whovians have been eager to see how he would be similar and different from past incarnations. One of the biggest questions have been, would new fans make the transition from number 11 to 12? I decided to dedicate a Crazy podcast to discuss how our new Time Lord did and the strengths and weaknesses of this regeneration episode. I am joined by Andy Moran, co-host of the TOTL podcast and geek gal Alice of A Nudge in the Right Direction. Recorded in the lounge of the UltraLux Theater in Anaheim (hence the background music), we had a great time getting to know each other and sharing our thoughts on Doctor Who. Leave your comments below with your thoughts on the premiere! Enjoy! Mobile devices click here.

One thought on “Doctor Who “Deep Breath” Podcast Review

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